Govt to introduce 20 new tourist destinations


ISLAMABAD: The federal government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan in order to explore tourism sector has decided to open up 20 new tourists destinations in different parts of the country.

Well informed credible source told The News here on Thursday that Prime Minister Imran Khan over the last couple of months is fully determined to flourish the sector of tourism in the country. To enforce his plan, the prime minister has decided to work on a plan which includes opening up 20 new tourists sectors in different parts of Pakistan. However, the plan would be enforced in next five years.

Similarly, the plan would be implemented in five phase. In each year, the government would introduce 4 new tourists’ destinations. With the opening up of new tourists’ destinations, the government would generate huge revenue which would result in improving country’s economic position.

In this regard, according to source, the prime minister has set up a Task Force at the head of Secretary Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC). The task force would work for implementing the plan in accordance with the directions of the prime minister. The sources told that the Task Force while working has also forwarded its recommendations to the government for its review and consideration and further action to initiate work on the plan.

Besides working on this plan, the prime minister has issued directives to the Tourism Departments for increasing tourism activities through an effective and practical way. At the same time, the sources expressed great concern saying that though Prime Minister is very keen, sincere and fully determined to explore tourism sector in the country however, the role of PTDC in this regard remains to be disappointed particularly over the last five to six months.

Everything has come to a halt as far as tourism activities are concerned. Comparing to last six months, the PTDC at the head of previous Managing Director Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan had taken several measures in order to see tourism develop and promoted in the country, however, after him, everything has come to a standstill in this department.

The related authorities in the government particularly minister should take notice of the absence of tourism activities in PTDC, the source stressed. One of the high official in IPI Abdul Jaffar Sadiq though did not gave negative reply with regard to government’s plan of introducing new tourists destinations in five years, however, he expressed his reservations to comment over it saying, this subject is not with me anymore. Similarly, the IPC Secretary Jameel Ahmed was not available being busy in meeting with the minister as stated by his Secretary Waqar.


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