This Government has to go and it has to go Now


The First and Foremost duty of any Government is to protect the life of its citizens. In that, the present Government of Pakistan at the Center has failed, failed miserably, not once, but repeatedly; the deaths in Quetta yesterday, being the latest gory manifestation of its ineptness, inability and/or unwillingness to take the hard measures necessary to make Pakistan safe again. The government having abdicated its responsibility for governance by its inaction has lost all its credibility and embroiled as it is in Panama Leaks and various mega corruption cases it neither has the capacity, nor any moral authority or any fathomable reason to be allowed to continue even for a day longer. Allowing this Government to continue would not only force the State and its institutions to continue to drift aimlessly, an easy prey to the armed conflicts raging in the region, but would also cause further deterioration of its economic and financial situation and most importantly further imperil the safety and security of its citizens.

It is therefore imperative that the permanent institutions of the State, the Bureaucracy, the Judiciary, Civil Society and the Armed Forces coalesce to install a Caretaker Government of National Unity chosen from a few good men that are present in every institution, even in every political party and this Government be given a charter to protect, preserve and defend the State, implement the National Action Plan, proceed with the formation and funding of the National Counter Terrorism Authority which was orphaned at birth by the present government for its own nefarious reasons, and proceed against Terrorism per se as well as a Zero Tolerance Accountability for loot, plunder and economic terrorism so as to bring into the dragnet all the facilitators and accomplices of terrorists, those who provide them safe havens.

Once these measures are implemented and justice meted out to the guilty, a National Census needs to be held for a delimitation of constituencies and then free and fresh elections should be held in the country under the auspices of the Army. It should be remembered that all politicians agree that the only truly free and fair election was the one held in 1970 by the Army.

This action should be implemented immediately because things have reached a point of no return and any delay would only further encourage, embolden the enemies of the state.

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  1. Where was everyone and his dog between the 5 year period off the last Government of PPPP?

    When all and sundry was happening, no-one was on the streets crying foul.

    I will tell you why, it was because everyone was SHIT scared of Mr 99.9% Asif Ali Zardari.

    The media, PTI, ANP, MR CANADA Qadri, etc, etc.

    • Absoulutly right.

      PTI, ANP, MQM, JUI, Tahir ul QADRI AKA QAFRI, The Milatry, The Media and the people all hid in their caves and sat on their backsides.

      Letting PPP do what the wanted, when they wanted.

      All of the above make it sound like their was no corruption every before PML N came.

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