Google’s new game to help kids explore Himalayas


LONDON: Google Creative Lab has just released a latest game Verne: The Himalayas for kids in its educational category. The game uses the power of Google Map’s 3D imagery to let you have a tour of Himalayas.

Verne is a 500 foot tall Yeti and Himalayas is his place, TNG reported.

As Verne, you have control over to run up and down the Mount Everest just in a moment, ice skate on frozen lakes, sled down mountains, jetpack into the skies, chase yaks, float with umbrella, play Himalayan instruments and above all the game is for educational purpose so it will help you to learn about Himalayas.

Even if you are not a kid or student having problem understanding geography lessons about Himalayas, you are going to love exploring the mystic land of monks.

You wouldn’t have any hard time to learn playing the game. There is a navigational pad and a jump/action button to get the hang of it within minutes.

The game is rated 3+ and you needn’t worry about shooting or crushing the skulls of enemies, the whole point of the game is exploration.

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