Google’s GBoard Is A Great Keyboard App for iOS Users


iOS recently received an application developed by Google named Gboard. This new keyboard app has Google search built in for the user. Rumored to be in development since early 2016, it adds accessibility and convenience for users who want the best keyboard for their mobile devices.

Rajan Patel, head of Gboard product development teamRajan Patel, head of Gboard product development team said:

We wanted to bring the best of Google to Gboard, so you’ll see Maps, Translate, image and video search, News and others. Initially, Gboard will not surface any information specific to you.


What does Gboard do?

Gboard keyboard allows for easy Google searching on your iOS device. It also gives you quick access to functions like emojis or predictions, GIFs, swipe based single handed writing. Plus it also comes with direct integration with your favorite Google services, at least some of them at this point in time. The app also supports GIF search, which you can access by tapping on the emoji icon on Gboard.

How to Use Gboard

To activate the Gboard keyboard, users need to tap on the G icon on their keyboard without launching the browser or the Google search app. This lets you search for anything easily and allows for copy pasting that information directly into the chat.

The app will ask for your location the first time you launch it. Information is displayed as listings laid out in card style. Tapping them would make the information show up where you’re typing. They will also appear in hyperlink format so that users can call or check the location on Google Maps, etc.

You can download GBoard here. Here’s a video showing Google’s keyboard in action:

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