Google considers the future to be filled in as ‘hybrid’


SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Wednesday ramped up cloud collaboration tools for businesses, expecting “hybrid” work routines to stay even after the pandemic has ended.

The internet titan competes with Microsoft, Zoom, Facebook et al. with online services that employees can use to collaborate remotely.

Tech giants turned to their own tools after abandoning campuses early within the pandemic, which fueled a fierce remote work trend.

“We’ve seen a radical transformation, and tons of that transformation is here to remain,” Google product management director Dave Citron said during an appointment on new Workspace offerings.

“But i feel it’s too early to mention that the 40-hour work week during a cubicle is permanently dead across all industries and regions.”

Major tech companies themselves have postponed workers returning to offices and expect the new norm to become “hybrid” routines that blend being on-site with working remotely.

Google said it’s created a hybrid work handbook for a way to require advantage of tools, also as software for workers to conduct efficient meetings regardless of where they’re performing from .

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