Gold cost up by Rs450 per tola


The cost of 24 karat for each tola gold saw an expansion of Rs 450 and was exchanged at Rs109,350 in the nearby market on Thursday against its deal at Rs 108,900 the earlier day, Karachi Sarafa and Jewelers Group revealed.

The cost of 10 gram 24 karat likewise expanded by Rs386 and was sold at Rs93,750 from Rs 93,364 while that of ten-gram 22 karat went up to Rs 85,938 and Rs 85,583.

The cost of per tola silver expanded by Rs20, from Rs1440 to Rs1460 though that of ten-gram silver went up by Rs17.15 from 1234.56 to Rs1251.71.

The cost of gold in the worldwide market expanded by US $8 and was exchanged at US $1825 against its deal at US $ 1817.

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