If global social media continues on same path, will take strictest action: Nisar

Social media is not more important than my faith and my religion, says Pakistan’s Interior Minister

ISLAMABAD: (Dunya News, Web Desk) – Pakistan’s Interior Minister has on Wednesday said that social media isn’t more important than ‘my religion and my faith’. He said that if social media persists on the same path, ‘especially the international social media, we’ll have to take the strictest action’, reported Dunya News.

Talking to media in Islamabad today, Nisar said that he wouldn’t care about any threats on the subject. “If they say they’d do something if I do this or that thing, it’s pointless. Stop speculating and stop warning me. I haven’t yet made it clear what kind of action I’ll take and it’s useless to make threats without knowing what we’re going to do”, he said.

He said that strict action will have to be taken against this content. “This blasphemous content is an attack on our holy personalities. It is a matter of our faith, our self-respect. Facebook has agreed to send its delegation for discussing the subject with us and I have already cleared that I won’t relent”, he said.

“All hell breaks in the west when someone talks about holocaust but they wouldn’t do anything about the blasphemous content regarding Muslims’ holy personalities”, he said.

Nisar also said that there were no differences between Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the issue of the spot-fixing suspects.

Moreover, he said that all the institutions should accept accountability. “Lawyers, journalists, politicians shouldn t be saving their own colleagues. Army has an internal system of accountability but that too is only for issues within the army. If it involves a civilian as well, it wouldn t be an internal matter of the army anymore”, he said.




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