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27th October 1947, is commemorated as ‘Black Day’ in the history of the subcontinent. On this day the Indian troops landed on the soil of Kashmir and have since sabotaged the peace and stability of the region. Kashmir was one of the states which India acquired due to their hegemony at the time of partition. The Hindu ruler of Kashmir, Raja Hari Singh handed over this Muslim majority state to India. This was obviously done against the will of its people. This was the beginning of a new chapter of barbarism, manifest in every form imaginable. A continuous infringement of human rights by means of extrajudicial killings, imprisonment, sexual assaults and harassment of Kashmiri students are some in a long list. If peace is what the proponents of War on Terror wish to achieve, then why is everyone heedless to the grievances of Kashmiris?

A long time ago the seed of the Kashmir conflict was planted by giving India the Muslim majority area of Gurdaspur District at the time of partition of the subcontinent. This allowed the Indian armed forces to enter Kashmir with ease via land route. The state forces revolted against the decision of the Maharaja, and so the governor general of India, Lord Mountbatten ordered the Indian army to land in Srinagar. Pakistan military retaliated and when India could not control the circumstances, it appealed to the UN Security Council to intervene. This was followed by ceasefire and UN resolutions calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir. India pledged before the whole world that Kashmiris will be given a chance to decide their future. Later on however, it was all forgotten and the oppression continued.

Decades have passed, but the issue of Kashmir has not yet been resolved. Since the beginning of this conflict, India is committing the worst kind of human rights violations in Kashmir. Not only this, Pakistan and India have fought at least three wars over Kashmir and have been engaged in several battles over the control of the Siachen Glacier since 1984. Apart from this, day to day battles between Kashmiri insurgents and the Indian Government have further jeopardized the public security. India has also demanded a permanent membership of the United Nations, whilst it continues to trample over the wished and lives of the Kashmiri people. Whether such a hypocritical nation deserve permanent membership of the UN Security council is a point of debate.

Kashmir is not just an issue of land, but also of people. Every year on Black Day Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control tell the world that they are against India’s illegal occupation in Jammu and Kashmir. Like any other nation in the world, Kashmiris also deserve to live a peaceful life and liberation from India. They have continually reminded the international community that a pragmatic solution of the Kashmir issue is essential for the stability of not only Kashmir but whole of South Asia, and therefore requires immediate attention in the light of the UN resolution.

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  1. Dear Mehwish… you should be more pragmatic like the good Lady Mountbatten (Edwina) was… she clearly saw that the cock of Nehru had much more “mardaangi” — i.e. it was ALIVE and well, than that of your so-called “Qaid-e-whatever-crap” Jinnah whose was dead much earlier … hence, she moved her dear hubby Lord Mountbatten to give Kashmir to India!! Simple as that it is. Now when are you going to display the same ‘degree of BRAINS’ …?? Surely not by writing such idiotic articles…. “I believe in the power of media” you say…? Gimme a break!

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