Ghani In His True Colors


It is necessary to recall the actions of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, where the US with its allies bombarded the complete regions and left it in utter ruins.

Mr. Tillersons, official visit to Afghanistan’s capital, just before a day he walked on the royal and rich territories of Pakistan was a clear indication that his prime objective was the CPEC and not the Taliban issue. Pakistan is very much alert regarding the intentions of not only the United States, but Afghanistan, and its rival India as well. However, it is difficult to get to the bottom of the real facts; Nevertheless, it is well anticipated that Taliban and their brutal doings are not only prompted and aided via India but the United States also.

Speaking at a meeting at the Vivekananda International Foundation in New Delhi, Mr. Ghani had the audacity to utter words that Kabul will constrain Pakistan’s access to central Asia if it is not given admittance to India through the CPEC project. At the occasion, Ghani forgot that since more than 2 decades, Afghanistan and its most ill-fated people have been enduring on the aid of both the US, and the sanctuary provided by Pakistan.  In the year 1985, it was only Pakistan who provided asylums to the Afghan refugees.

Mr. Ghani, and also Mr. Karzai have a very poor remembrance as it was Pakistan who boycotted the meeting in Germany on the future of Afghanistan to protest the deadly outbreaks by U.S.-led forces on its troops, broadening the repercussions from an incident that has sent ties between Washington and Islamabad into a nosedive.

At that time, a top Pakistani army general called the incident that killed 24 troops on the Afghan-Pakistan border a “deliberate act of aggression” by NATO forces and said the military has no obvious plans whether to take part in an American investigation into it. NATO defined the incident as “tragic and unintentional”, and U.S. officials only had to express their pities with the families of those who died.

Pakistan is perhaps the most imperative regional country because of its influence, and guidance on Afghan Taliban factions on its soil.

Under the current circumstances, the U.S. will face even fewer prospects, as Pakistan will not comply by the strategies in the South East Asia. It is not for the Americans to dictate their policies. Pakistan will no more tolerate Afghanistan as an area where it will participate with India and dictate its terms over the CPEC which is an expedient project, both for China and Pakistan.

Pakistan is understandably annoyed over the dialogue of Mr. Ghani, and also his other diplomats who appear to be playing up their outrage to satisfy their personal demands. If Afghanistan is seeking fresh leverage with India in accordance with personal benefits and overlooking the future of Afghan citizens, it should look for assistance somewhere else. Further, Pakistan is highly capable of meeting any type of aggression from anywhere with an iron fist.

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