German envoy Martin Kobler highlights Pakistan’s water crisis


Germany’s ambassador to Islamabad Martin Kobler has garnered appreciation from social media  in Pakistan after he shed light on the water scarcity that is predicted to engulf the country in the coming years.

The German diplomat took to Twitter to share his own way of minimizing water consumption to highlight the looming crisis.

The former Head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya tweeted: “using a bucket to save water while washing my car!! #paksitan ranks third amongst countries facing water shortage. one major reason is excessive use! 100 liters wasted washing a car with running tap water.. many ways to #SaveWater in our daily life! #SaveWaterforPak.”

Many social media users in the country are comparing the foreign diplomat’s concern over a national crisis with the apathetic approach of political leaders in the country.

Civil liberty activist and lawyer, Jibran Nasir responding to the tweet has stated: “A foreign ambassador is showing deep concern for Pakistan’s fast depleting water resources and inspiring us by actions not just words. Can we imagine any of our mainstream leaders setting such examples. As a society we need to learn about our collective responsibility.”


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