Geo Suspended: Differences in PEMRA. Whats Next?


ISI, Hamid Mir, Blasphemy, PEMRA, Geo News, PEMRA has immediately suspended Geo News, Geo Taiz and Geo Entertainment, and has ordered the sealing off of their offices. The final decision will come on the 28th of May.

Although the whole episode against Geo TV had started from 19th April, when its anchor Hamid Mir was shot and the TV channel had criminalized the Chief of ISI, Lt. Gen. Zaheer ul Islam, as to having plans to assassinate him, for several hours at a stretch, and that also without any evidence and only upon the suspicion of Mir’s brother – the decision against Geo TV has eventually come after delay.

The decision, however, has come after a countrywide campaign against the Geo/Jang group – which includes several days of anti-Geo trending on Twitter, court petitions against Geo TV in several cities of the country and a wave of street protests in many cities of Pakistan. Geo TV had further infuriated the people of Pakistan by airing programs that have been alleged as insulting the family of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Thus, by degrading the prestigious institution of Pak Army and committing blasphemy against the revered figures of Islam – Geo TV has created a consent against itself of being both anti-state and anti-religion.

Still, the decision is yet to come, and there is an element of doubt, as in the current decision of PEMRA only 5 out of the 12 members of the appointed panel were present – 7 members, who were government officials, were absent. Their absence was due to the fact that the government has been constantly on the side of the Geo TV in this whole episode, and has constantly tried to build positive consent for Geo and that its mistakes should be forgiven.

If the Nawaz Sharif government attempts to influence the decision granted by PEMRA, the Nawaz authority will risk severe backlash from the general public, who have shown their extreme resentment against the behavior of this channel on all civil platforms.

As for the fate of the Geo/Jang group, it would not be feasible to dismantle the whole media house altogether as it is an asset belonging to the people of Pakistan and thousands of people are employed under it; therefore, its infrastructure and knowhow should be merged with that of the Pakistan Broadcasting Authority – and high ethical standards be ensured for their further use.

The ban of Geo TV should be taken as a monitorial by the various other channels that have been crossing the lines of religion bashing, obscenity, political maneuvering and, most of all, in trying to demoralize the common people of Pakistan by distorting history. Moreover, it should be ensured that Indian content should also be banned from being aired on TV channels in Pakistan and even content from other countries that fall below the general ethical standards of the people of Pakistan. Here it must be reminded that some Pakistani TV channels have, for the past few years, increased the airing of catwalks and fashion shows that break the norms of decency of the Pakistani people, in the name of having to compete in the global market.

In this hue, the civil society of Pakistan should not forget to seek to identify the sources behind the Geo/Jang group anti-state behavior. Geo TV’s special friendship with Indian sources and some previously identified contracts with western media houses like the VoA makes its case more suspicious in the eyes of the people, and matters should be clarified.

But those who have concluded that life is in the material, that happiness is in the obscene and the vulgar, and that progress is in blindly imitating the ways of the West – have wronged. By accepting this imitation, they have nullified the age-long belief system of their own people, which teaches them other-worldliness and a larger-than-life approach that is simple, environment friendly and embedded with altruism.

Therefore, time has come that the policies of PEMRA and those of the government of Pakistan should be revised on the lines of the will of the majority; the will that is clearly established in the national consensus, when its 99% register Islam as their religion and Pakistan as their homeland. The Media in Pakistan has gone too far; it has created an ethos in the minds of the people that is filled with glamour, imitation, vile projection, apathy and demoralization, and which does not match at all with the real-life situation of the people. This strong and useful estate belongs to the people of Pakistan and, therefore, should be put to the service of the people. At any cost – it cannot be allowed to spread confusion and unrest in the people.

Meanwhile, in a press release issued within hours of the first decision, another sector of PEMRA has announced that today’s meeting (of the committee) was called without following the laid down procedures, and thus, had no legal standing. The pressure being built against the decision is already coming to limelight – it is to be seen if the Nawaz authority is going to save democracy from derailing this time or save the Geo/Jang group from annihilation?

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  1. The rest of the world is laughing at Pakistan. Everyone knows that there was no blasphemy. The wedding song that was telecast is a fairly common song – and yes, even in some muslim weddings in India.

    The real reason that Geo has been targetted is because it angered the ISI. Everyone know is.

    The danger to Pakistan, as always, is not external – but internal.

    • No Indian, the whole world is laughing at indian’s defeat against Pakistan thru Indian satellite GEO which
      is supended, painful for Indians. The reasons u are giving are fake & ridiculous, bullshits, Geo is being on observations since long. ITS GREAT TIMEs THAT PEMRA REACT AUTHENTICALLY & REALLY, NOT JUST BLAH BLAH BLAH

  2. Well when the biggestt state terrorist in the world the US congraculates pakistan on its media freedoms then we should be very worried. The fact that GEO tv was so bold in attacking a key pakistani institution showed its arrogance and disrespect. What happened next was the ppl of pakistan boycotting the channel and GEO itself going to the dustbins of history. When you say world’s laughing i think you mean western states who are a minority in the world lets not forget that.

    • Don’t confuse the two…..

      We all know the reality. That Geo is being hounded because it dared to speak out against the ISI.

      Stop pretending that it’s blasphemy !!

      And no. When I mean the world is laughing, I mean the entire world. Everyone knows what the reality is – except it’s funny to watch you pretending otherwise.

      Almost a replica of the Dr Afridi case. We all know why he’s in prison – except the actual case against him is for a rubbish charge.

      Just admit it – that when someone offends the Army, and no offense has been committed, you guys dream one up

      • You are a confused bunderstani (baharati)or you are a RAW agent paid to malign Pakistani Army.
        I have question for you,”Will any bunderstani TV Channels be allowed to accuse of the DGI of RAW with killing of innocent Kashmiris and still be allowed to keep its license?”
        It is strange that you are unable to give your real name instead of hiding under the cloak of indian. What shame a person can’t give his name openly but still give his misguided thought on a Pakistani TV station. By the way even Geo Tv. is not permitted in bunderstan then how could you pass your remarks on its performance?

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