General Raheel Sharif and The Shopkeeper


Karachi has lately been witnessing frequent turbulence of milk supply as a result of government regulations on dairy farmers…Farmers are trying to raise milk price as a result of (long awaited) forced dairy policies…We have seen few milk supply strikes as attempts to win their demands.

One such afternoon, while searching fresh milk from one place to the other on 8th September,2015 (being observed as milk supply strike); I reached one local general store and came to know that milk will be available by 9 pm. “Tu kiya bana rate barh gaye ya purane rates?” I asked the shopkeeper. “Rate wohi puraane hoon ge bhai, inki blackmailing ab nahi chale gee. Bhains colony se 16 main bande pakre gaye hain. Aur bhai ye sab bahut accha horaha hai, General Raheel ne sab ko tight kar diya hai. Allah ke karam se Raheel Sharif sab set kar de ga.” He replied overwhelmingly in a fervent voice. I had no chance other than to agree with the man.

Gen. Raheel Sharif is definitely not handling the dairy reform issues and other minor corrections going on in Pakistan but he has earned such a place in hearts of a common Pakistanis that their hearts testify that Raheel Sharif is behind every good news related to Pakistan. A place which Jamhoori leaders could not earn even after winning huge majorities in elections/assemblies…


While roaming Karachi in the last month; I heard many whispers such as. “Allah Raheel Sharif ko lambi zindagi de” “Raheel Sharif ne apne Ohde ka haq ada kar diya hai” “Allah ne hamari bhi sun li aur Raheel Sharif ata kardiya” ” Is dafa ye jo danda chala hai, ye bare bare Parda Nasheeno ko Be-Naqaab kar de ga” “Dekhte jao Raheel Sharif kisi corrupt admi ko nahi chore ga, Insha Allah”… Common men have started believing again and are praying for General Raheel and his team day and night. While I was requesting Prayers for myself and my friends via my parents performing Hajj, I spontaneously asked them to especially pray for COAS, DG-ISI and DG-ISPR. Later on, I was amazed at myself but then realized that this unusual request directly came from core of heart…

Quaid-e-Azam’s speeches were attended by people from all trades and classes, from most qualified people of that time to masses who did not knew how to read/write. While the question was asked to the poor non-qualified people “Can you understand what Quaid is saying?” they simply responded as “We do not know what he is saying BUT we know for sure that whatever he said is RIGHT…” I see similar sort of confidence being developed among the common people towards General Raheel Sharif as acknowledged by even many politicians that “Gen. Raheel is ruling the hearts of Pakistanis”…

Bravo General Sahib, may you live long to serve the nation and finish this dream job appointed by Allah (S.W.T) and his Rasool (S.A.W.)…Ameen

Muhammad Sultan Shah is a Civil Engineer working for a private firm in Qatar. His areas of interests are mainly Ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan and world society, Social behaviors, Literature & Education. Can be reached and tweets at @msltn.

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