GB seeks Punjab Constabulary’s help for elections’ security


The Gilgit-Baltistan administration has sought more than 2,000 extra police personnel from Punjab Constabulary to strengthen security during the upcoming general elections to be held in the region on Nov 15.

According to sources, the personnel to be sent to GB will be equipped with antiriot equipment and they will also ensure implementation of preventive measures against Covid-19.

Electioneering in the region is in full swing by all political parties taking part in the Nov 15 election.

The sources said that the commandant of Punjab Constabulary, Farooqabad, had asked the battalion commanders of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad to ensure availability of personnel for the upcoming election for GB assembly.

They said orders had been issued to all units, including Rawalpindi and Farooqabad headquarters, to have rank wise force ready.

According to them, 2,353 Punjab Constabulary personnel — 23 inspectors, 78 sub-inspectors, 168 assistant sub-inspectors, 250 head constables and 1,834 constables — will be sent to GB for performing duty during the election in the region.

The personnel will be required to adhere to a full winter uniform code and keep warm clothing with them because of the severity of weather in the region.

They will also require to follow SOPs (standard operation procedures) against Covid-19.


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