GawKadal: Blood Entraps Kashmir’s Memory


…why would India ever love or respect or be a beneficiary to the people of Kashmir, when it finds itself looking good in the clothes of butchery and tyranny…


Kashmir remembers today a gory massacre, 24 years from now, of the people of Srinagar on 21st Jan, 1990.

Kashmiri news photographer Meraj-ud-din described the scene, “When I reached Gawakadal, all I could see were the dead. I saw bodies of children, bodies of women, bodies of men…. Later they brought the bodies to the police compound. I saw them again. There I cried. I shouted, screamed. ‘Don’t do this to the people.’ That day I saw everything.” (Blood in the Snow)

Today, the people of Kashmir protest on the same streets, remembering the terror, the slaughter and the grief and hate instigated by heartless Indian CPRF forces on that day:

‘Defying curfew, people had marched from Batmaloo, Raj Bagh and other localities, forming a 10,000-strong procession in the city’s commercial hub, LalChowk. As it headed for Chotta Bazar, where several women had reportedly been molested by forces personnels during search operations the previous day, the procession was blocked near GawKadal by police and paramilitary contingents. The men in uniform opened indiscriminate fire on the marchers, causing heavy casualties.’ (Kashmir Reader)

In response to the kidnapping of RubaiyaSayeed, daughter of Indian Home Minister at that time, the Indian government appointed JagmohanMalhotra as governor over Kashmir on 19th Jan, 1990. That night, the Indian security forces conducted warrantless and thus illegal house-to-house searches in Srinagar, hunting for illegal weapons or other evidence of support to the militants. The next morning, as word of the searches and beatings began to spread, people began to pour out into the streets of Srinagar. From the mosques, loudspeakers urged Kashmiris to come out and fight for azaadi or freedom. Thousands of Kashmiris gathered to protest the actions of the security forces. (Shootings at Gawakadal, Srinagar)

It is reported that unrest and struggle for freedom has been boiling beneath the soil since a year before this event, and this massacre and the usual oblivion of the Indian side upon the resentments of the Kashmiri people over this mishappening only ignited the fire already smoldering in the Kashmiri youth. The oblivion is obvious in Jagmohan’s statement soon after. Victoria Schofield copies it in her book Kashmir in Conflict; he said:

‘Every Muslim in Kashmir is a militant today. All of them are for secession from India… The bullet is the only solution for Kashmir…’

Those who are altruistic to human dignity and worth may not like to look at the matter from the Pakistan standpoint or the Indian one or that of any other entity for that matter, but only from the Kashmir point of vision, as any human or humanright assessment cannot be complete without valuing the Kashmiris as thinking and feeling humans, equal to the level of any aspiring community of the world.

The standpoint of the people of Kashmir must certainly be in two priorities; firstly to rid themselves of the day to day indignity and injustice; to have for themselves the basic rights in education, trade and industry that they have been so much deprived of due to the unequal policies of the Indian government towards them; and if this is not achievable, which has proven not to be, to turn to a struggle for freedom, as the only way to achieve these ends.

Yes, the solution for Kashmir may lie in the human factor; if the Indian government could have grasped this in more than six decades that treating the Kashmiris equally, deeming them the self-respect that is part of being human, and opening to them all respectable opportunities of life was the only sure wayto have Kashmir with heart and mind. But, apparently, it is the irony of human nature that it holds on to an uncertainty principle of ‘the more imperialistic you behave the more blind you are turned to basic human instincts’. It seems that ‘fear’ accompanies occupation as an integral part, and it seems that whatever may come, India would not behave humane with Kashmir.

If the people of Kashmir would have been contented, free to decide upon their future, secure with their lives and properties, in peace with their sense of self-respect and self-determination, and able to reach to the larger human community withmutual honor and parallel as desired by all human communities,then why would the people of Kashmir be in a mode of agitation? Perhaps India will never circumvent to the idea that its hate and abuse were the factors that had to yield hate and abuse only in return and not love and respect. For if India had any high human values to offer to the people of Kashmir, there would not have been an issue of a plebiscite or demilitarization or secession in the first place. Let’s stop babbling now, why would India ever love or respect or be a beneficiary to the people of Kashmir, when it finds itself looking good in the clothes of butchery and tyranny and prides itself for being one of the top-rated offenders of human rights in the world?

So back to stated positions announced time and again by the two states: India will not free Kashmir and Pakistan will not free Kashmir either, both will keep their occupied lands! Let’s assume for once that Pakistan is also an occupier, then is there a list of human rights abuses made by any international human rights agency, has the UN passed any resolutions against Pakistan for committing or attempting genocide or acts leading to genocide upon the people of Kashmir on the side it occupies? Does the Pakistan Army control the day to day life and movement of the people of Kashmir on their side, or do the people of Kashmir on this side deem the democratic process in their state to be a complete undermining of the word ‘democracy’ itself? Are the people of Pak-occupied Kashmir barred from getting passports or visas for travelling in and out of their state? And the list of questions may go on and on…

So what should be the policy of a state in a world full of many dichotomies; where tyranny is easily camouflaged under the cover of democracy; where abusers deem themselves as saviors and where an army of rapists and murderers deem themselves as protectors? What can be the policy of the sheep that finds itself ambushed in the snare of wolves? Should Pakistan leave its brothers in faith and its very next neighbors alone under suppression and exploitation? Should we, like the larger global community, accept India as a great democracy and submit to its dream of being a regional hegemon and just work upon the utility-principle in trade, culture and human rights? Is that human? Or is that piggishness?!

The GawKadal massacre is one out of the long list of heinous crimes committed upon humanity by India. GawKadal calls upon humanity today that cold murder of innocent, unarmed civilian protesters, men, women and children, is a cry upon which humanity should have gathered to remedy. GawKadal is a question mark upon humanity; it asks how the human genus rests upon the perverse indignity inflicted upon one of their kind. GawKadal asks humanity for its own retrospection today!

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    • Please also cry for the shia muslims that are being killed in Pakistan everyday.
      Please also cry for baloch muslims who are suppressed by pakistani govt and armed forces.
      Please also cry for the millions butchred and raped in Bangladesh.
      Please also cry for the Palestinians who were displaced by Israel and still no muslim country is willing to absorb them.
      Please also cry for Muslims who sufferred partition in 1947 just to fulfil Jinnah’s personal ambitions.
      Please also cry for those innocent kashmiri hindus who have been dislocated by the terrorists.
      Please also cry for those kashmiri muslims who have been killed by the terrorists.

  1. To the liars from India the product of the lower Ganges…

    You can deny Kashmiri suffering, turn a blind eye to the brutality and terror suffered by Kashmiris and you can lie as much as you like BUT YOU CAN NEVER CLAIM KASHMIR.

    Kashmir is for Kashmiris, As a Kashmiri you can not separate me from my family across the border we belong as one and as sons of The Indus we are one nation and belong with Pakistan.

    The onus forever will be on The vile Indian government to implement the UN resolutions. I have every right to be angry, every right to hate the Indian Government one that is deceitful and sanctions the cold blooded murder and rape of Kashmiris as an instrument of terror to crush our right for self determination.

    You can never divide one people, one ethnicity, one history, one geography. You can delay the inevitable but you can never deny us, I have more right to speak for Kashmiris than some dirt water, back water son of the Ganges like one Aseem or whatever he decides to call himself today.

    Why do the sons of The Ganges deny self determination tot he sons of The Indus because they know the following:

    Kashmir Valley
    95% Muslim

    30% Muslim

    46% Muslim

    Northern Areas
    99% Muslim

    Azad Jammu and Kashmir
    99% Muslim

    Kashmirir can never forget the attrocities of the Indian butchers and witht he BJP Hindu fanatics destined to win again, Kashmiris expect a rise in sectarianism and Hindu fanatacism and unacceptable claims over Kashmir.

    Kashmiris will neevr forget, you can lie and spread as much propaganda as possible but we will never forget. It is common practice for the paramilitary forces to walk into a quiet village/town and start shooting indiscriminately, killing innocent and unarmed civilians – all under the pretence of crack-down operations against the Freedom-Fighters. In most cases. Fake encounters on innocent Kashmiri men and women used to score points and gain accolade for corrupt Hindu dominated policemen in Kashmir.

    A brutal army that has been authorised a free hand to kill but also rape Kashmiris and break the will of Muslim honour.

    At Sheerpora One Shakeela Banoo and her mother were raped by the forces. Shakeela who had delivered a baby recently was also beaten ruthlessly by the forces in the month of March 1994. Innocent civilians are killed, women gang-raped and properties set on fire.

    On 5-5-94, one girl Jameela D/O Gh. Mohd. Shah R/O Islamabad, was gang raped by Army posted at Khrewah and the locals protested against the barbaric act.

    One Shaheena D/O Ab. Aziz R/O Pulwama Tral, was raped by the armed forces on 5-5-94 and the people came on streets to demonstrate against the barbaric act.

    At Wanagam Kukarnag, Dewalgam Islamabad, ladies who were collecting fire wood in nearby forest were molested by the forces during crackdown operations on 9-5-94.

    At Manigah Kupwara, three ladies were raped during crackdown operations in the house of Shah Khan on 14-5-94. In this regard an FIR stands registered in the Police station concerned and the Dy. Commissioner was also informed about the
    incident. The locals protested and demonstrated against the brutal act.

    At Prang Kngan 4 girls were gang raped by the forces and due to continuous bleeding one girl later died on 14-5-94.

    One women was tied with ropes against a tree and she was raped in presence of her minor children at Manigah, Qazi Gund, Islamabad on 15-5-94. She was wife of a hospital employee and when the matter became public, the employees protested
    against the brutal act committed by the forces.

    On 18-5-94, at Dangerpora, Baramulla, one lady namely, Perveena W/O Late Khursheed Ahmad and Mst. Taja, were molested. The locals protested and band was observed in the area against the barbaric act.

    On 2-6-94, an attempt to rape one Haseena Banoo D/O GH. Ahmad R/O Harwan, Chandpora, Kupwara, was made by two members of the forces and due to the timely intervention and cry her chastity was saved.

    This continues today, Kashmiris have been caged and exist in complete lock down and the world does not have access to it.

    The world is well aware of the torture and death that can never be hid, regardless of denying foreign media the truth, courageous men and women of Kashmir conitnue to ensure the world hears their cries of suffering.

    In July 2011, the State Human Rights Commission of Jammu and Kashmir (SHRC) released a report documenting 2,156 unidentified bodies in 38 graveyards. The state report verified the findings of Buried Evidence, released in 2009 by Parvaiz’s group. Parvaiz explained how the findings were initially swept under the rug, “The government said that these unmarked graves are all of foreign militants and people need not worry about it.” There have been limited DNA tests on the remains. Parvaiz cited that DNA tests of 53 bodies identified that 49 were Kashmiri civilians, one was a Kashmiri combatant and three were unidentified. Parvaiz said, “It is the right of the family to have the body. The government does not want to give these bodies to the families because there is something to hide. They are hiding the marks of torture.”

    It would take but one effort of a credible International Body to focus on the truth about Kashmir the genocide that conitnues in Kashmir and all the horses and men will not be able to put the Indian humpty back together again.

    The Indian people are COMPLICIT in the killings without flinching seek Kashmiris to continue suffering, the issue is no longer an issue with the Indian Governemnt but the whole of India no longer flinches when they hear of Kashmiri suffering, murders and rape. Rape is a common practice of a Hindu army and Police to dishonour Muslims and Islam and break the will but the hatred has only deepns and continues to deepen and we have every right to do so.

    What do Kashmiris want?

    We want the same on both sides to be one again and as sons of The Indus we have no affiliation for the Ganges Civilisation known as India today destroying our heavenly habitat. The world is accountable for ignoring the Kashmiri plight and genocide and it reaffirms the truth that we as Muslims and certainly Kashmiris are all too aware. The world Institutes and powers “pick and choose” Which suffering to support WHEN it aligns to their strategic geoplitical and economic needs.
    The UN is guilty of allowing the continued suffering of the Kashmiri men, women and children.

    Since 1984 1 million Kashmiri Muslims have been displaces and live across Pakistan and Azad Kashmir:

    Atrocities of Indian Occupational Forces in Kashmir
    from “The Army of Madinah in Kashmir” by ‘Eesa al-Hindi

    Since 1990 – Oct.1996

    * 59 750 Murdered
    * 49 000 Murdered by indiscriminate firing
    * 550 Burnt alive
    * 3 200 Bound and drowned in the River Jhelum
    * 4 500 Murdered crossing the cease-fire line

    Early 1990’s estimate:

    * 15 873 Rape cases (reported)
    * 934 Women murdered in gang rapes
    * 756 Rendered disabled
    * 43 390 Men and women held in prison without trial
    * 11 600 Youth in torture cells
    * 97 654 Burnt houses and shops
    * 250 678 Refugees (successfully crossed) in Pakistan (1)
    * 30 Schools destroyed
    * 189 Schools and hospitals bomb blasted
    * 200 Primary school children burnt alive on October 1, 1990
    * 358 Hospital Clinics destroyed
    * 346 Mosques destroyed
    * 358 Children died without treatment
    * 66 094 Houses and shops burnt
    * 1 480 Cattle burnt
    * 1 225 Food burnt (worth in dollars)
    * 1 123 Forest burnt (worth in millions of dollars)
    * 848 Hospitals and schools burnt
    * + Thousands of people dismissed from jobs

    Much has been written but the World is silent because the life and dishonour of Kashmiri modestry, life, property and basic essentials of living do not equate to bieng enough as it does not meet the criteria by which World powers and The UN invovles themselves in human tragedy. Firstly we ar eMuslim occupying a strategic landscape and secondly Idnia is important to balance out the rise of China so our wishes and fight for liberty is ignored and our tragedies and genocide is overlooked.

    I want the world to draw on this story first reported in The Guardian and want you to be aware that this has NOT Stopped and continues by a savage army comamnded to kill, steal and rape innocent Kashmiris:

    Derek Brown, the Guardian, May 26th 1990

    Mubina Ghani is eighteen, and her face is dark with suffering. On May 18, on the way home from her wedding to her first night in her husband’s home, she was shot and then gang-raped by Indian soldiers.

    In the general hospital in Anantnag, fifty kilometres from the Kashmir capital, Srinagar, Mubina is squatting on a bad in a foetid general ward. Alongside is her husband. Without protests, she hobbles to the operating theatre, where there is a measure of privacy. Her pain is beyond understanding. As she softly speaks, the horror is almost unbearable.

    After the wedding, she says through an interpreter, she boarded a bus with her husband and aunt, to her new home. The aunt was a chaperone-cum-companion.

    The bus, which had twenty four passengers and two crew, was stopped by a contingent of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). There was no curfew in that area, but they had carried passes, just in case. They were allowed to proceed.

    Some distance further on, there was a second roadblock, this time manned by the Border Security Forces (BSF).

    “We started to get down but we were given no chance to show our passes. They opened fire without warning. They fired through the windows and from machine guns underneath their vehicle. We lay down under the seats and pretended to be dead. After the shooting, they came inside and started to beat everyone,” said Mubina.

    One passenger was dead. Many others had bullet wounds including Mubina and her husband, Abdul-Rashid. She went on, “All those who were not seriously wounded were told to stand in a row and ordered to raise their hands. The two ladies (Mubina and her aunt) were forcibly separated and ordered into a field.”

    While the bus was systematically looted – the plunder included some twelve thousand rupees (about four hundred pounds) given to the newly weds – Mubina and her aunt were stripped of their jewellery. Mubina, in Anantnag hospital, points to her unadorned ears and hands in shame. Even her wedding ring is missing.

    She went on, “In the field, the soldiers first took off their clothes. I do not know how many there were. We were crying bitterly. I told them that I had not yet seen my husband, but they did not listen. They took off our clothes. They bit my chest and then I was raped. Between four to six Indian soldiers raped me, I think”. Mubina’s aunt is between forty and fifty years old. She was around seven months pregnant. Two days after being brought to the hospital, she left and has now disappeared without trace

    Young children are also targeted without any cause:

    “On 31st march a group of children of the age group 11-12 assembled at the house of a teacher to have tuition from their tutor in Vicharnag locality of Srinagar. The teacher was non-Muslim and all students except one were also non-Muslims. There was an incident in the vicinity and the BSF men burst into a house. The Border Security Force men asked the identity of the pupils with their names. Only the Muslim boy was shot and murdered”.

    If the mass murders and rapes were not enough security forces abduct innocent Kashmiris and remove their organs.

    I ask you to look up:

    HOSPITAL CRACKDOWNS by William W. Baker’s treatise, “Kashmir, Happy Valley, Valley of Death”. The American author visited the Occupied territories in 1994:

    Just to quote a passage from his report:

    “Nothing could ever have prepared me for another encounter with a young Kashmiri victim of the occupation forces. Twenty year old Muhammad Rafiq Mir, son of Abdul-Ghani Mir from the area of Khomoh, Shutloo, Baramullah, was picked up by the security forces on January 1st of 1991 when he and twelve other Kashmiris were attempting to make their way to the freedom of Azad Kashmir (an outlawed and illegal emigration). I will let his own words, taken from a signed document, tell what happened next:

    “We were taken to a place which looked like a hospital because some people were in green uniforms and masks and others in military uniforms. I was put on a table, blood was taken out from my arm. A wire was put from my groin and something was view on a screen. During this process, I felt heat in my body. After that, all I know is that I was feeling pain. One doctor told me that my left kidney had been removed”.

    Ever conceivable human misery has been legitimised by Indian Army operating above the law inside Kashmir.

    Today Kashmir is even more isolated with Israelis now advising and teaching India how to legitimise the apartheid that is Kashmir but only for Kashmiri muslims.

    Much was written and recoredd throughout the 1990’s and I want you to draw on a glimpse of Indian army savagery inside Kashmir and today it continues:

    “Since January 1990, rape by Indian occupation forces has become more frequent. Rape most often occurs during crackdowns, cordon and search operations during which men are held for identification in parks or schoolyards while security forces search their homes. In raping them, the security forces are attempting to punish and humiliate the entire community.”
    (‘Pain in Kashmir: A Crime of War’ issued jointly by Asia Watch and Physicians for Human Rights, May 09, 1993)

    “(On February 23, 1991), at least 23 women were reportedly raped in their homes at gunpoint (at Kunan Poshpora in Kashmir). Some are said to have been gang-raped, others to have been raped in front of their children … The youngest victim was a girl of 13 named Misra, the oldest victim, name Jana, was aged 80”.
    (Amnesty International, March 1992)

    “The worst outrages by the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) have been frequent gang rapes of all women in Muslim villages, followed by the execution of the men”.
    (Eric Margolis, The Ottawa Citizen, December 8, 1991)

    “Subjugated, humiliated, tortured and killed by the 650,000-strong Indian army, the people of Kashmir have been living through sheer hell for more than a year, the result of an increasingly brutal campaign of state repression. India hides behind its carefully-crafted image of “non-violence” and presents itself in international forums as a model of democracy and Pluralism. Yet, it is unable to stand up the scrutiny of even its admirers. All journalists, especially television crews, were expelled from the Valley. With no intrusive cameras to record the brutalities of the Indian forces, the world has been kept largely in the dark.” (The Toronto Star, January 25, 1991)
    ………………………incidentally this hell continues

    I would like to add this is systematic savagery of Hindu soldiers:

    “Young girls were now being raped systematically by entire (Indian) army units rather than by a single soldier as before. Girls are taken to soldier’s camps and held naked in their tents for days on end. Many never return home….Women are strung up naked from trees and their breast lacerated with knives, as the (Indian) soldiers tell them that their breast will never give milk again to a newborn militant. Women are raped in front of their husbands and children, or paraded naked through villages and beaten on the breasts.”
    (The Independent, September 18, 1990)

    For the liars and propagandist malicious Indians denying theior armed forces savagery and brutality and suggestign Kashmiris are nont protesting.

    We had protests throughout 2012, 2013 and even in January 2014 across Kashmir. Kashmiris call for zadai (freedom) freedom from Indian Hindu opression.

    Kashmiris never celebrate Indian independence and we curse that wretched date when the fate of Kashmiris was sealed into an era of dispalcement, genocide, rape, opression and uncertainty while the world knowingly sits silent until India’s strategic role waivers or whithers – Kashmiris will conitnue to be deneid justice and support by International institutes and left at the mercy of a barbaric, savage filthy brutal army mad eof by The sons of The Ganges.

    • Lower Ganges is now Bangladesh. Your words of hatred justify creation of Bangladesh.
      Also, if Kashmir is for Kashmiri then Balochistan is for Balochis, Sind is for Sindhis, Pashtunistan for Pashtuns. You are not the only one in the sub continent.
      All those muslims who wanted to be with Pakistan went to Pakistan after partition. India gave its people a secular constitution.
      Please dont incite Indians in the name of Islam. If all indian muslims decide to migrate to Pakistan you will be a nation with 40 crore muslims.
      Pakistan can NEVER NEVER NEVER fulfil its dream of capturing Kashmir.

  2. WE are the Indus Valley and YOU are the Ganges Civilisation.

    It is more likely that manipur and rest of seven sister states down to Assam seek a federation and the likely hood of a separation of the Indian union then the brothers of the INdus Valley dividing.

    WE are KASHMIRI and we are one on either side of the UN status quo Line of Control and YOU are not one of us that’s simple physics.

    • Haq Saa’b please take a break. you are going out of your mind.
      We know there are kashmiris in India and Pakistan, we know there are Punjabis in India and Pakistan, there are Sindhis in India and Pakistan, there are bengalis in India and Pak…. sorry… bangladesh…. so whats the big deal? there are no baloch in India, they are in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan but they dont want to be called Pakistanis. The great Indian civilization lies between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean. Its home to many races, languages and religions. Indus river originates in Tibet which is under control of China, a non-believer nation who you donated part of Kashmir out of fear…. Shame!

      When you say, you are not one of us…. you are simply confirming your atrocities on Bangladesh as they were Lower Ganges People and not racially so called superior and fair skinned people of indus valley… they were poor black muslims with whom you did not want to associate. Dont you think Balochis are feeling the same racial suffocation? Dont you think Shias are feeling the same sectarian suffocation? And what about those Mohajirs from the Gangetic belt??? When are you planning to annihilate them??? because they are not your people…

  3. In response to this tripe:

    “Please also cry for the shia muslims that are being killed in Pakistan everyday”.

    We never had a sectarian violence until recent when foreign terrorists supported by bad elemets in the CIA and India
    are running amock – a temporary unatural phenomena that will seize to exist by 2015.

    “Please also cry for baloch muslims who are suppressed by pakistani govt and armed forces.”

    On the contrary there are foreign terrorists running amock in Baloch that emanante from Afghanistan supported and funded by Indian Consulates litteres across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

    “Please also cry for the millions butchred and raped in Bangladesh.”

    Dispute this what was the role of 80,000 Hindu Bengolis who infiltrated East Pakistan between 1968 to 1971, what was their role having been trained by Russians and Indian Army / Intelligence, where did they go, did they return or do they continue to destabilise Bangladesh, did some enter as migrants into Pakistan and fermented unrest, sectarianism in Karachi.

    “Please also cry for the Palestinians who were displaced by Israel and still no muslim country is willing to absorb them.”

    The Palestinians have a destiny and continue to live in their homes displaced by your friends, butchered by your friends and live among their brethren in neighbouring Arab countries.

    “Please also cry for Muslims who sufferred partition in 1947 just to fulfil Jinnah’s personal ambitions.”

    The ones butchered by Hindu Terror gangs, raped and massacred on their way to the liberated Muslim lands from the British colonials.

    “Please also cry for those innocent kashmiri hindus who have been dislocated by the terrorists.”

    I do not buy into your rubbish, the cause was BJP and the terror fanataical Hindu militia. Kashmiri Hindus are welcome in kashmir if they coexist as brothers and not agents of Hindu fanataics and the Indian governments.

    “Please also cry for those kashmiri muslims who have been killed by the terrorists”

    I dispute this and there is NO TERROR in Kashmir, Kashmir is a Line of Control a status quo that all parties agreed to so that India will ABIDE by the UN Resolution to provide self determiantion to the Kashmiris. We Kashmiris have the right to defend our Kashmiri brethren from a vile Hindu army there is no border we are ONE people and YOU ar enot from us.

    YOU cry for the Muslims you raped and massacred across India, from Hyderabad, Assam, Gujerat, and the daily rape and killing of Dalits and the massacre and rape of Sikhs in 1984, the terror you spread in 1984, the massacre of Kashmiris and the displace ment of 1 million Kashmiris, support of Afghan SOviet Invasion and support for massacre and rape of Afghans and let’s not go to Sri Lanka.

    We are KASHMIRI and we deserve to be free and refuse to be held hostage by vile Hindu Indians who seek us captive for their own geopolitical games. Ordinary Hindus who KNOWINGLY turn their face and ginore the rape and massacre of Kashmiri Muslims and in private take much enjoyment in knowing Hidnu soldiers are massacring and raping Muslims in Kashmir.

    We support ALL Muslim struggles the remnants of European Imperialism but as Kashmiris above all we want OUR KASHMIR to be rid of YOU.

    • Until 2015??? till such time Shias are going to be slaughtered in Pakistan everyday???

      If you want Kashmiris to be free, then please try to free PoK from the clutches of Pakistan. Indian Kashmiris
      enjoy the freedom given to all citizens by the Indian constitution. All those who wanted to join Pakistan did so in 1947 after that no muslim has ever migrated to Pakistan and it means they have all the freedom in India.

      • Pakistan problems are not “indigenous” but manufactured by India and bad elements in the CIA sending paid mercenaries from inside Afghanistan to kill innocent Pakistan, the CIA has done the same in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria.

        Azad Kashmiris are not held hostage by filthy despotic rapist soldiers of the Hindu creed, every village and city in Azad Kashmir is NOT terrorised by Soldiers.

        Only last week 6 innocent Kashmiri villagers in South Kashmir were abducted by the Hindu army and killed. This is daily occurrence in Indian Occupied Kashmir and Kashmiris need UN intervention so the UN resolution to which Indian has agreed to is implemented.

        Only last week an Arunchal Pardesh student on holiday in Delhi was murdered in a blatant racist attack. Arunchal too belongs with China and yet another example of British mess up and held hostage by India.

        Freedom to the people of the Himalayas from the evil Ganges civilisation.

  4. Pakistan is under control of America .They kill pakistanis in there own country.POK is terrorism center created by pakistan.Pakistan already sold part of kashmir to china.Pakistan lost all the war against india and now using another method by sending trained terrorists in india.

  5. Ali Ahmed at least be man enough to post with your Hindu name.

    The world has 100% access to Azad Kashmir, Kashmiris are free and Azad Kashmiris are among the most prosperous in Pakistan.

    Has the world access to Indian Occupied Kashmir, in a nutshell NO.

  6. Pakistan is not even capable to save their people in their own country by americans.Pakistan lost all war against india now trying another way to fight with india by sending trained terrorists to india.In pakistan population of muslims are 1/3 of indias muslim population. Bangldesh is saved from pakistan at list not under control of america.

    • Yes Ali, Indians thank their stars that their forefathers did not migrate to Pakistan after partition. Look at Bangladesh today, their economy is progressing much faster than Indian economy and its fastest growing economy in South Asia and also the world. Its amazing. Bangladesh is doing really good. my best wishes to them, keep it up and keep the nation peaceful.

  7. Bangladesh has the ability to sell her textiles to the West and the tariffs are more relaxed like India.
    Everyone knows Pakistani textiles is the best in the world but are not allowed to engage in fair trade in the West like Bangladesh.

    Pakistan was a conscript army and we liberated one third of Kashmir.
    Pakistan continued as a conscript army, without planes and tanks thwarted Indian designs in 1965.
    In 1962 Pakistan made the biggest mistake should have taken Kashmir and not listened to the whimpering Nehru,
    In 1971 time was not on Pakistan’s side as 80,000 Hindu Bengoli terrorists had already infiltrated East Pakistan between 1968 and 1971 and had become the student militia wing of Mujibur Rehman. Mujibur Rehman met Indian IB in 1961 and RAW in 1968 for what purpose, Indian terrorism was at the heart of the break up.

    India occupied Kashmir and displaced a million Kashmiris and massacred thousands.
    India sent 80,000 terrorists into East Pakistan in 1971 and attacked a sovereign nation.
    India occupies sir creek, junagadh send manavadh including Siachen.
    A serving Indian major linked to Hindu terror groups bombed a train full of Muslims from Pakistan.
    Indian terror on minorities is all well documented.
    India supports terror by arming and funding groups inside Afghanistan today to destabilise Pakistan NWF and Baloch regions.

    Pakistan stands vindicated if 26/11 and parliament bombings by every major intelligence agency bar Indian and Indian media. Kasab was a Hindu, he looked Hindu Marathi, shirt and dark, spoke Marathi and not Urdu and he referred to the Hindu deity and not Islamic deity like the Parliament bombing was a false flag op.

    Keep crying wolf India we know what happened to that story.

    Bangladeshis today despise India and you can inky stronghold them for so long through the AL.

    If you ask me I have always said there should NEVER have been an East Pakistan but a Bangistan and Bangladesh is the natural evolution to an a Islamic Bangistan or Sonar Bangal, only time will tell.

    We will not go into the sorry pathetic state of Muslims in India no different to The Dalits excluded from society. Once the educated elite left as a uneducated poor segregated community and by a few token fools in certain positions does not exonerate India.

    Pakistan had are sectarianism before 911 and will have zero from 2015 all threats are manufactured from outside.

    64 years of Hindu dominance over the sub continent is but a blip in time and if your cruelty continues a new era can quite easily emerge “in time” .

    I find Indians like you very vile and pathetic hiding behind non Hindu names a cowardly trait if a cowardly people.

  8. The same con script army of Pakistan had invaded Kalat and captured balochistan because India did not interfere. Indian army pushed you back in Kashmir as it decided to accede to India. You have never been able to take an inch of territory from India. And I dont need to tell you about Opn Gibraltar etc to confirm who was the aggressor in 1965. Thanks to kashmiris Indian army got the wind of pak infiltrators. Your 1965 design was nothing but inspired by Indian military setback of 1962. what you are blaming India of 1971, you have been doing the same in Kashmir from late 80s, 90s and early 2000… why have you not become successful? You boast so much about your army…. one paki equals to 10 indian rhetoric then why have been unable to take back Sir Creek and Siachen from Indian Army? But the territories that you captured in 1999, we kicked you out from there..despite you having nukes… i think you will now stop boasting about meek pakistan army who at the most can cut the head of a captured soldier to blow their chests and twist their sagging moustache.

    Even I can say that TTP is Pakistan sponsored and they are getting pakistanis killed to get aid from US and Saudi. And i think you are too late to show your love for LOWER GANGES muslims of Bangladesh. They dont forget when you told them… what you will do with this foreign aid for toilets?? you guys do it behind the bushes…ha ha ha… bengalis can never forget the racial humiliation by pakis. Today, Bangladesh is prospering, their economy is vaulting faster than even India’s and very soon they will leave Pakistan behind… the nation who used to laugh at them will soon lag behind them.

    You will recommend Bangistan but bangladeshi dont want “STAN”, they want their own language and identity. Even KAZAKHISTAN is going to drop STAN from their national name and change it to “Kazakh Yeli”. People like you will even change the name of Kashmir because it has sanskrit origin.

    We know that muslims in india are yet to develop because the elite muslims migrated to pakistan leaving behing low caste, dark skinned muslims in india to their own fate. but shukr allah muslims in india are better than muslims in pakistan today.

    Its not my problem if you dont believe that there are muslims who live in India and their number is more than the muslims of Pakistan. Thanks to Pakistan, Indian muslims have no place in OIC despite having 2nd largest muslim population in the world after indonesia.

  9. Aseem,

    Time will see, Time will see.

    Joy Bangladesh – I love my muslim brethren wherever they may be and hope Bangladesh continues to prosper.

    Muslims in India are token Muslims and know this all too well.
    What good can a nation run on Hindu principle singing vande matram a poem that was first used to incite the Hindu faithfuls against Muslims possibly have in the OIC.

    Yes offcourse the whole world has sanskrit origin 🙂 – but Kashmir is not the Ganges civilisation and WE ARE MUSLIM and belong to the rest of the Indus Valley.

    You not what irks me most is that YOU have zero right over my heritage dictate to me that we are to give our heritage to a nation who we have zero affiliation or respect for.

    We are more Tajikstani than we are Indian.

    You do not need to worry for us or Pakistan, we will do just fine. I remember back in 2008 when YOUR KIND were celebrating we will be dismembered by 2012, well the year is 2014 and we are still here despite 64 years of terror emanating from India.

    Pakistan will remain you do not need to worry for us as I personally do not give a rat’s ass about India and you do not need to speak for Kashmiri.

    We SPEAK FOR OURSELVES and the writing is on the walls.

    Indian DOGS LEAVE.

    Yes you are savage dogs how you massacre, kill and rape as if it is a hunting game and the game is the innocence of kashmiri sisters and the life of kashmiri men young and old.

    If Indian Muslims have issue so be it I am not their keeper.
    If Bangladeshis as you feel hate us so be it, I know dozens and hundreds who do not feel the same and despise India today. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Bangladeshi and Idnian Muslims in a Jamaat and we went to sujood together as “one” brotherhood. You can create your web of confusion and deceit son of the dirty Ganges but when we stand side by side in Jamaat and we go into sujood:

    Subhanna Rabiyal Allah

    We stand before our creator in praise of the lord of the creation as one nation. You can through deceit and lies say as you wish but I have met shoulder to shoulder Bangladeshi, Indian, Somali, Sudanese, Arab, European Muslims and when we stand together in one jammat we stand united as brothers.

    A feeling you will NEVER experience when all of humanity pray together, that my non-friend from The Ganges is what will always bind us.

    You know very well conflicts in the Muslim world are “manufactured” and you know very well and I do nt need to spell it out to you.

    In the end deceit fails and truth stands firm on it’s own.

    I don’t boast I merely cry for FREEDOM and if it takes defence of my honour and well being so be it, it appears boasting comes from you and you alone.

    Do not think for a split second that WE fear you, no not at all because if that day came the Sons of Abdali, Ghouri, Ghazni, Nadir Shah, Zaman Shah and Babar will never shy away from confrinting you on your evil designs.

    You can call TTP pakistani but it does not make them a Pakistani creation, come and find them in our Northern Areas and utter their name and see how much love you will receive.

    Uncut south asians were found from among the ranks of Fazlullah, Caucasians too with large tatoos of skulls and bone son their background but hey offcourse they were Pakistani too – right.

    I don’t need to explain anything to you all I ask you to do is sit back and watch and wait and time will write history and Pakistan will never be removed by the sons of The Ganges.

    Muslims, Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis & Afghanistan will always have affilaition for one another and I do not need to specualte. I witness it in the masjids on a daily basis and do not need your rhetoric and words of malice.

    What troubles you kost of all is That kashmiris are saying GIVE US FREEDOM abide by the UN RESOLUTION under a UN Auspice.

    All I say to you is if your kind are not liars and beleive 100% your lies that Kashmiris want to be called an Indian then give them Self Determiantion under a UN auspice.

    Not calling for war/conflict but a democratic and fair mandate under a UN auspice – put yuor money where yuor mouth is Hindu.

  10. Bottom line I am Kashmiri and youa re not and to be called an Indian is abhorrent and unacceptable.

    Kashmiri and Pakistani and the same goes to the valley, they do NOT call themselves Indian but Kashmiri.

    What are Kashmiris calling for here?
    AZADI (FREEDOM) or to be part of India.

    I think our exchange of words is done, you will not desist from your deceit and lies and continue to be complicit in the cold blooded murder and rape of Kashmiris and I can never stay quiet against injustice to kashmiris at the hands of a vile filthy Hindu army – this sums it up.

  11. Who is Najem Sethi, we all know on whose pay the Pakistani 5th columnist is.

    I can tell you as a Kashmiri – KASHMIRIS want to be par tof Pakistan, belong with Pakistan by virtue of ethnciity, culture, history, geography and religion.

    It is quite simple:

    Prove such statements through a free and fair referendum across Kashmir through a UN auspice.

  12. Absolutely we stand by a free and fair referendum under a UN auspice while YOU NON KASHMIRIS seek to continue the opression and genocide of Kashmir through the status quo.

    The status quo was a temporary measure and forever will be and NEVER the solution.

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