Game designers, web developers enjoy highest increase in IT salaries


The results from the 6th P@SHA annual IT salary survey 2016 are in and as expected, wages have shown an overall increase in the IT sector — owing to rapid growth in the country’s tech industry.

For survey purposes, around 150 companies were chosen from which 32,744 employees working in 28 job roles and 98 unique levels in both core IT and business roles were surveyed.

Fair compensation and benefits rank highly for any employee who wishes to work for, and continue to grow in this industry. The rapidly evolving nature of the tech sector influences job requirements & skill set, making an annual IT Salary Survey a necessary tool for companies wishing to hire and retain the best of talent.

According to this year’s report, there has been an overall growth of 13.04 percent in salaries across all job functions as compared to 2015. This statistic reflects the overall growth in the IT sector in Pakistan and the resulting increase in wages because of said growth.

The highest paid job function in the sector right now is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who on average earns PKR 484,520. This is a 26.4 percent increase from 2015. Apart from this, the highest increase in salary this year has been in the post of Senior Web Developer with a growth of 37.06% while salaries of experienced Game Designers saw an increment of more than 33% compared to 2015.

Sixty-one percent of companies and 17,177 (52 percent) of employees that participated in the survey were from Karachi, 30 percent of companies and 8,508 (26 percent) employees from Lahore and 22% companies and 7,021 (21 percent) employees from Islamabad. Two companies from Peshawar also participated in the survey this year.

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) is one of the one of the oldest ICT associations of the region and the sole trade association in Pakistan representing the industry since 1993 and they have taken the duty of conducting the survey on average salaries of IT employees and formulating a report on the growth of the IT sector opportunities.



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