Fury as Indian Fire Kills Pak Army’s Capt


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Islamabad – A Pakistan Army Captain was martyred and another solider seriously wounded on Wednesday in the latest incident of unprovoked Indian firing across the Line of Control (LoC), sparking anger among the people as the media flashed the incident.

The unfortunate incident also prompted the Foreign Office to once again summon the Indian Deputy High Commissioner inIslamabadand lodge a strong protest over the continued ceasefire violation.

“A Pakistan Army officer Captain Sarfraz embraced Shahadat due to Indian troops’ unprovoked shelling at Shakma sector (near Skardu) on Line of Control,” a Pakistani military statement said.

Another soldier, Sepoy Yasin, has also been seriously wounded in the Indian fire that started on Tuesday night at11:15pm, the statement said, adding that Pakistani forces effectively responded to the firing and the exchange of fire continued for around three hours.

An Indian army official came up with counter allegation, telling Reuters that Indian troops came under heavy mortar and light-machine gun fire from the Pakistani side in the Kargil region.

The common Pakistanis responded to the incident with fury as anchors at different TV channels called for effective measures to makeIndiaabandon this rogue behavior wherein its border troops have repeatedly fired into Pakistani territory in recent weeks that has even resulted in deaths and injuries to civilians in the border areas.

Skirmishes have erupted across the heavily militarised Line of Control (LoC) since five Indian soldiers were killed earlier this month in an ambush by unidentified militants on August 6 whichDelhihas blamed on thePakistanarmy.Islamabadhas categorically denied any involvement in that ambush.

Indian Defence Minister A K Antony issued a direct threat on Monday, saying their army would take ‘all possible steps’ to counter ‘ceasefire violations byPakistan’ along the disputed border in Kashmir.

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  1. No evidence that he was killed by the Indian Army. The people who killed him just happened to wear Indian uniforms….

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you like India to investigate and ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

    You sure would – wouldn’t you? So how about finding out who killed 5 Indian soldiers that started this whole mess in the first place !!!!!

    • Really !!!! your HOMEGROWN terrorists in Kashmir have access to Artillery and Mortars too?????

      Wow, i am sure our’s will play havoc with your poor Army if they get access to Artillery and Mortars…..

      wrap up that fence, its useless

      You will never understand “Aman ki Asha”
      all you understand is “Chitter ki Bhasha”

      • Why not… if your “homegrown” “non state actors” can have access to stinger missiles, why can’t ours?

        Same rules for everyone !!!

        ps : you REALLY don’t understand sarcasm do you? Ask for a refund from the madrasa where you studied. You’ve been fleeced

  2. This appears to be a precursor to major hostilities or even a ‘false flag’ attack by India,as their economy and rupee plummets.This will be to divert attention of Indian public from this grave situation at home.Pakistan and Pakistanis are advised to be extra cautious and alert to this looming menace.If early elections are called and BJP comes to power,than the chances of these events happening rise exponentially.This is not the time to mend fences with India, it is time to consider options for Pakistan’s defence.

  3. India is the only place on earth where Muslims are safe an secure.
    All other countries either they die or are attacked by America.

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