“Fruit Denounce? It is Fruitful.”


For last few days as a citizen of Pak we are observing the Boycott of the daily commodity which is not only the main ingredient of our Iftari table. Infact, these commodities are the essential part of every Iftar. Indeed, I am going to bring your attention towards the “Fruit Boycott in Karachi”. We witnessed the call for ice out on social media which is the most reliable way to convey or viral the message or any kind of material in front of everyone.


As the holy month of Ramazan reaches in Pakistan, the price of daily commodities and the Iftar essential ingredients hike up and reached to the sky top. However, in other Muslim states or even in the non-Muslim states, a number of discount and reliable packages are announced for the Muslim communities. The well-developed or the world’s super power countries have some respect for the fasting month of Muslims. Moreover, the non-Muslim members of their workplace also take care and are concerned towards the fast of every Muslim employee.

If we observe the condition in Pakistan, the prices hike up, the retailers increase the price of the essential ingredients especially the vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc. Despite high prices of such commodities, the consumers buy them without any negotiation. The retailers took advantage of the necessity of buyers, if any consumer negotiate or complain about the high price, the merchandisers reply harshly and ask them to leave or to buy these products on their terms.

Surprisingly, this year the inhabitants of Karachi raised their arguments on the over-priced fruits. The campaign to denounce Fruits was initiated from June 2-4, 2017. If consumers won’t buy those fruits, the producers, distributors and the vendors will reduce the price. On the first day of proscribe, around 20-30 PKR had been reduced. According to the few sources, the people of Lahore city also took part in the campaign and raised their voice against the mafia. Nonetheless, it is the best way to make them realise the exact power of a customer.


However, the Consumer Organisations are much active in this regard, their media, judiciary entirely supports the consumers and encourage their protests against the retailers. In Pakistan, Consumer Protection Laws are also established since 1997. It was formulated by the Law Minister Iqbal Haider of that time. If any purchaser has queries or complaints about any product, distributors, producers or retailers, they can simply write an application and submit it along with their CNIC. The court will take the relevant jurisdiction on complaint.


Unfortunately, Pakistan also has a number of typical liberals who came to defend any kind of protest against such mafias. However, these so-called liberals gave their views over the spending money on the Animal on Eid-e- Qurba’an, that such money should be given to the poor family who need it. But if I ask them to stop or limit the shopping of their branded clothes, shoes and accessories, that would be appreciable.


If we do not protest against any injustice, over-priced things or against any brand, from that day the producers or owners will understand the authority of consumer. Why (as a nation) we have to live like dead bodies, if we can protest or boycott? Ever now and then we witnessed the protest against injustice in other well-developed countries. So why not stand against such mafias?

Several people ask about the aftermath and profit of the fruit ostracisation and yet criticising the decision. From the day of embargo the rate of fruits dropped from 20-30 PKR at every fruit rate and about to be reduced further in the coming days. However, another boycott after the success of this, has been called on social media, i.e. of Meat, after that boycott of branded clothing and accessories are scheduled as well.


We have to stand against such mafias who charge us more than double of mundane essentials especially needed in the holy month of Ramazan. Nonetheless, the people who are sharing the pictures of the destitute retailers, let me bring their attention to their harsh behaviour 1 or 2 hours before Iftar when someone wants to buy the fruit. They weigh the fruit of their choice, and if a person complains about the fruit’s price or if it is rotten, then they simply insult them and ask the consumer to leave and buy from somewhere else. Such kind of rude behaviour by the retailers faced by almost every citizen of Pakistan once in their life.

So, it’s better to stay united and take stand against such mafia, as the extra money will turn into black money nothing else. If do not stand, then next year we will pay triple the price of that particular thing. Sometimes liberalism doesn’t let us live on our terms and stops everyone to raise their point.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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