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Who is behind the Paris attacks and what do they want to achieve?

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Charlie Hebdo, a publication is known for exceeding all boundaries for what it describes as Freedom of Expression. The recent assassination of its editor and staff members is a sizzling hot issue with explosive ramifications. Alongside the chief editor, Stephane Charbonnie, nearly a dozen associates who worked for the publication were also slain. The assailants include two gunmen, brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi, who are reported as ‘suspects’, and are believed to have been given weapons training in Yemen. The assault that took 12 lives in Paris was brief and decisive assault, and hallmarked skills of highly trained individuals.

The reason for the attack perhaps needs no statement, as Charlie Hebdo was notorious for slandering many renowned personalities, including the Prophet of Islam. Back in 2012, it released caricatures of the Prophet that hurt and angered Muslims across the globe. The publication in print and electronic media sent shockwaves throughout the Ummat (Muslim Nation Worldwide), and massive protests were staged everywhere with some even going out of control on the streets, inevitably a result of some not being able to contain themselves.

Double Standards in Freedom of Speech – The Muslim Perspective

Double Standards in Freedom of Speech – The Muslim PerspectiveWhen speaking to individuals who attended the 2012 protests, we discovered that there was intense resentment to the fact that the west claims everything can be said in the name of Freedom of Speech; the Holocaust can never be questioned, but Islam, ALLAH (SwT), the Quran, Muhammad (Sw), Isa (as) and other Prophets can be slandered under this so-called Freedom of Speech that has no responsibility or sensitivity towards believers of Islam.

While that sums up the angst of the general Muslim public towards this issue, renowned scholars have proposed resolutions to sort the matter out. Jamat-ud-Dawah’s Maulana Ameer Hamza has even written to the Pope of the Catholic Church and proposed a joint approach to protect the honor of religious figures in Islam and Christianity. There has been no reciprocation let alone an iota of acknowledgment to his official letter.

Earnest attempts to sort the issue out should be appreciated, and it must be remembered that regardless of how anyone wants to hold up Free Speech as priority above the sentiments of monotheist believers, there will neither be peace nor acceptance of such an abomination.

Muslims are becoming Increasingly Insecure in Europe

Almost as soon as the Paris Massacre took place, blasphemous material as well as images denigrating Muslims and their beliefs began circulating the Internet with tirades against Muslims, Islam, etc. This triggered a response from thousands of Muslims, particularly on social media.



While this continues, the international media remains silent while Muslims are facing a backlash of this attack. The past few days has seen dozens of armed assaults on Muslims and their places of worship. European Muslims are not safe, and a worst case scenario would be genocide, something that Europe is no stranger to.

Mark Zuckerberg Adds Fuel to the Fire

The Charlie Hebdo massacre has already caused enough problems, but Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckergurg, posted a message that has inflamed the issue in Pakistan with utterly irresponsible statements. The timing of his post leaves no doubts about his intentions and sentiments towards Pakistan. Zuckerburg’s Facebook is infamous for blocking organized content that goes against the leadership in Israel. This social network also blocks organized content on the role of the Mossad-RAW nexus driving the Kashmir Genocide, and of course, anything against the holocaust is deleted immediately.

Tweets featuring high levels of hate against Muslims and Islam were not fit to post here for obvious reasons, but here are few tweets that reflect how Muslims view western-based print/electronic and social media, and even expose their double-standards:
Charli Hebdo Tweet

Muslims Revere All Prophets

To come back to the heart of the issue, Muslims in particularly say that Freedom of Speech must have limits. If you are not allowed to say anything against the Holocaust, the same rules should also encompass subjects sensitive to Muslims and Islam.

You won’t find prominent publications publishing slanderous material against the Christian faith or Judaism simply because Muslims don’t resort to slandering those beliefs. The Prophets in Judaism and Christianity are revered in Islam. However, Muslims are angered at slander hurled at Isa (as) and Muhammad (Sw) that is quite common in the western media. To Muslims, all Prophets are revered.

The last Prophet of ALLAH said: “No one among you is a true believer unless he/she values me (Muhammad Sw) more than his/her own parents”. Having re-stated the words of our Prophet (Sw), just try to picture how you would feel if someone slanders your parents. How would you react?

Punishment for Repeated Blasphemy

While we’re discussing what a believer’s priorities ought to be according to the very words of our Prophet (Sw), it’s worth reaching down further to the core of the issue regarding how Muslims may permissibly react to slander against the Prophet of Islam.

Recalling events of repeated slander against the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Sw), Abu Jahail and Abu Lahab are among the most prominent. These were repeated offenders and were cautioned and advised many times over, but did not concede. When they were killed, the hands that slay them were appreciated by the Muslims.

One view on the matter comes from some scholars who have recently advised Muslims not to give in to the mischief makers’ tactics. They advise Muslims to exercise patience, which would show real strength and character of a Muslim. They say the caricatures drawn under the banner of Freedom of Speech are nothing but an excuse to provoke Muslim. The reason for this mischief making is subject for another discussion.

Many Muslims, however, feel that the situation today is no different from the days of the Prophet (Sw), as ignorance in the form of the Charlie Hebdo magazine is still visible. To any practicing Muslim, it’s pretty obvious that those who draw caricatures are unaware and don’t understand the teachings of Islam. If they did, they would surely embrace Islam like thousands of other westerners.

Ignorant people who slandered Islam were slain after a lengthy period of blasphemy and disobedience to advice from Muslims. They went around spreading their venom by word of mouth. However, slander today is carried out via print and electronic media. So, how would you slay a repeated blasphemer in this media?

The answer lies in censorship through responsible authorities; Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If these authorities take this matter seriously and consider Muslim sentiments, they can prevent future chaos. However, Muslim complaints regarding this issue have fallen on deaf ears, and the result is sheer frustration, which has manifest itself in someone going to extreme lengths to take revenge. We are told that Cherif and Said Kouachi sought revenge, but we must uncover the masterminds who planned, funded and directed the attack.

Is the Paris Attack a CIA False Flag?

Just because it’s likely that a Muslim would slay the Charlie Hebdo staff doesn’t necessarily mean that a Muslim group is behind what happened. Such notions without proof and thorough investigation would be a repeat of the 9/11 tragedy where authorities claimed to have proof that the attack on the WTC was the work of Middle Eastern terrorist, Al Qaeda, masterminded by Usama Bin Laden, when it was actually an inside job. Even the trail of an attacker’s ID card ‘conveniently’ left behind at the Paris attack site points to CIA shenanigans.

The Paris Massacre was a CIA False Flag: Former US Government Employee

While Muslims are now being attacked across France in the wake of the Paris Massacre, information from a former US government employee points to a false flag masterminded by the CIA which was designed to shore up France’s vassal status. There is need to investigate this chain of events: France decides to vote in favor of Palestinian statehood, which has angered the US and Israel. Shortly after that a possible false flag takes places possibly to shift the momentum of sentiments against Muslims and Palestine.

A Simple Solution with Commitment Can End Needless Religious-based Strife

Whatever the truth of the matter is regarding the Paris Massacre , it’s fair to say that there must be a thorough investigation, and one must avoid sweeping statements and rash judgments in order to prove who is behind the killing and why. Doing this is an absolute must if we don’t want to waste several years in conjecture as the world has done with many false flags that have always been dodgy when it came to producing facts. Another 9/11, Mumbai26/11, etc. aftermath must be avoided at all costs if the leaders in the west don’t to stir xenophobia in their population and further complicate matters with the Islamic world.

Furthermore, it’s high time that Muslims become actively involved in seeking justice in international courts. Stephane Charbonnie Charlie Hebdo should have been tried in an international court and justice should have prevailed. Religious authorities at the highest level must reciprocate requests from emotionally stung communities if peace is to truly prevail. It’s worth finally adding that “human rights commissioner Tim Wilson has joined calls for changes to racial discrimination laws, arguing many of the cartoons published by French magazine Charlie Hebdo would be banned in Australia under existing legislation.”

As the situation stands, Charlie Hebdo has printed another issue full of images considered blasphemous and hurtful to Muslims, and protests are erupting across the Muslim world. Pakistan seems to have the most vibrant rallies displaying anger and dismay at Charlie Hebdo’s latest issue. The official statement out of Pakistan’s Foreign Office highlights a demand for an apology from the French publication. It’s noteworthy to mention that Pakistan also condemned the killing of Charlie Hebdo editor and its team in Paris. However, it’s clear that there can be no compromise on upholding the honor or Prophet Muhammad (Sw) from the Pakistani view point.

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  1. When the western leaders claim about the freedom of speech/expression in their countries, they are fully aware that they are repeating lies. Yes, these leaders are shameless liars too. The matter of fact is that it is illegal in Europe and US to say a single word against holocaust. In UK, you cannot make fun of the Queen (or any member of their Royal family for that matter. You cannot make fun/cartoons of the proceedings in the UK parliament. Is that freedom of speech. Not really. How then these western leaders can claim the right to freedom of speech/expression? Don’t they know of these legal restrictions of the freedom of speech/expression. They indeed do. But they are shameless liars.

  2. This article is filled with lies and conspiracy theories that have no place in news reports…all these untruths about false flag on 9/11 and in Paris are just irresponsible fantasies that should not be given any credence…by repeating these fake reports the author demonstrates the he has no credibility and will just report theories, speculation, gossip and rumor as if it were fact…clearly no understanding of professional journalism….

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