Fractured Education System: A Root Cause


education systemIf you are ignoring the importance of education in today’s world, then you are mistaken; the importance of education cannot be neglected in the developing world at any cost.

Making Education available to all is the duty of the government as it opens up new horizons, creates new opportunities and shows people the path to move on to attain prosperity and well-being. Education affects the society as a whole because more educated people will lead to more civilized way of living and law abiding citizens with less crime. Federal and Provincial governments should work together hand in hand for education and development of the people.

With limited resources, the government is not concentrating enough in important sectors like health care and education. Health care and education being the prime responsibilities of the state, the Government has not done fair by allocating only 2.0 % of the total GDP to education at the federal level, it would not serve the cause to uplift such a derailed system. It should be at least 7 to 8 % in the current scenario.

On the provincial level, Punjab has done some good work in the education sector in the last 8 to 10 years, like making education free till 8th, distributing school books free of cost to the students. KPK in the recent past initiated the campaign of new enrollments in the schools and has allocated 3 billion rupees for improving the education system while declaring emergency in the province. A campaign like “Adopt a School“ and raising funds from the public for the improvement of the educational infrastructure are also good steps that the KPK government has initiated, such steps should also be followed by other provinces like Sindh and Baluchistan that stand backward in the education sector.

Three types of school systems are working in Pakistan at present. Government schools, private schools and the Madrassahs. All have different curriculum and different ways of teaching and upbringing of students. There is no comparison you can make out from the students of different schools as they represent totally different sections of the society. This creates a disparity among people and divides them in several segments. Children of well-off families studies in private schools that follow Cambridge system, middle class to private schools that follow matriculation system and lower class in government schools and some of them who are religious minded people send their children to madrassah, the government schools and the Madrassahs are almost free of cost.

In government schools, same old curriculum is being taught with old methods of teaching that has gone obsolete in the world way back, which have nothing to increase the intellect of the students or to develop any skill in the student. No work has been done at any level to improve it. Government should invite experts, top educationists from around the country, to work on it and come up with new up-to-date curriculum and induct new methods of teaching that push the students to use their brains, talk logically, make right choices to increase their intellectual capabilities and develop technical skills.

Private schools have two standards of education, Cambridge and matriculation. Cambridge Schools have foreign education system implemented so it’s way better and modern but expensive, other private schools follow matriculation system which they keep on upgrading time to time to maintain the minimum education standards but the problem is, they are on limited scale.

Private schools that follow matriculation system have better curriculum than government schools but eventually they have to land up with the same curriculum of government schools in ninth and tenth grade as students have to appear in government’s matriculation board examinations and then government’s intermediate board examinations that’s another dilemma that stops the student from growing further with the same pace.

Madrassahs have altogether different curriculum, mostly religious, that teaches the very basics of human existence and its purpose in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Religion does not stop from learning other things thathelp us to earn better living. Madrassahs body should go for reforms itself if they don’t agree on government terms, to teach other subjects and introduce technical education. They should make a proposal and get it approved from the government that would help their students to find diverse careers in future so that they may earn their bread and butter respectfully. Madrassahs should get affiliation or recognition with government’s education department to offer recognized certification and degree programs in subjects like Arabic, Islamic history, Islamic law etc.

But the most recommended way to uplift the entire system is to establish the same education system for all but with current allocation of funds and intention of the government the only way to improve the education system is to introduce reforms in the curriculum and improvement of infrastructure and bring curriculum of all systems closer to each other while maintaining the modern standards. Making drastic changes may not be acceptable to all the stakeholders.

There are thousands of government schools registered, from which hundreds of schools are ghost schools that exists only on paper, mostly in Sindh and Balochistan, but the concerned department is taking funds on the name of these school, teachers are drawing salaries from the government exchequers, no one is there to do check and balance and catch these black sheeps betraying the general public.

Mostly it’s seen that people who fail to get right job in their field resort to teaching at last and become teachers having no knowledge and techniques of teaching. Here we cannot ignore the fact that teaching is an art. Government should conduct regular training sessions and workshops for them to teach them inside out of the teaching techniques and how to keep the children engaged in the class rooms because the ratio of the dropouts from the government schools is so high because of the fact that teachers are too harsh or ignorant to the students which make them run away from the school.

In most of the problems of the society when you dig deep you will find that the root cause is poverty and illiteracy. Government should provide better facilities, healthy environment in government schools to encourage students to study; that would compel others to enroll their children in government schools as it’s government’s duty to provide education to the masses. Management of schools and the elders, town nazim or district administration, should ensure that schools in their area are running properly, teachers are teaching and students are attending the classes regularly.

Educating people will not just serve one cause, rather will serve the country in many ways, it will eradicate poverty, it will create opportunity for them, the people will no more be burden on the economy rather be working for it as an asset and increase the literacy rate that will impact the country enormously in positive ways.

Solutions of most of the problems lie just at a step away; all we need is sincerity and willingness to take that step. It is the duty of every individual to play his role and ensure that he does his bit with all loyalty and sincerity to serve the cause.


is a business graduate, working as a professional banker. He takes keen interest in the economics and socio-political affairs of Pakistan. Moiz Khan tweets @moizkhans

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