Former Afghan minister returns to Kabul at Taliban invitation


KABUL: A previous Afghan pastor who escaped as the Taliban took over Afghanistan keep going year, returned on Wednesday, following security confirmations given as a feature of the hardline gathering’s drive to charm back high-profile people.

Ghulam Farooq Wardak, an individual from the cupboards of previous presidents Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, is the most recent in a line of returning authorities, said Taliban authorities hoping to support an administration yet to win global acknowledgment.

Wardak had gotten back from Turkiye, said Ahmad Wasiq, representative for a body set up by the Taliban to arrange the arrival of high-profile Afghans abroad.

Different authorities to return incorporated a previous representative for the safeguard service, the previous top of Afghanistan’s public power organization, and a few military authorities, he said.

Farooq Wardak addressed state-pursue media arriving in Afghanistan. “Most specialists are contemplating returning,” the previous training priest said, adding that he felt regard and satisfaction in his home, in spite of the fact that he forewarned that a little gathering might not have any desire to return.

Most high-profile authorities escaped Afghanistan as the Taliban took over last August, including Ashraf Ghani, the president at that point, who is currently in the United Arab Emirates. Hamid Karzai stays in Kabul.

The Taliban set up the powerful board half a month prior to arrange the profits, with nine individuals, including the knowledge and military bosses.

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