Foods you should take according to your blood type


The concept of ‘blood type diet’ is new and interesting. As with the myriad of books and data on healthy diet, the very concept of healthy diet has become unreliable and confusing. So, blood type diet is a new different concept that is more interesting and reliable.

Here are the foods you should take according to your blood type.

Blood Group A

Blood group A requires nutrients from carbs. Due to low level of hydrochloric acid and intestinal alkaline photophase with high intestinal disaccharide digestive enzyme levels in the stomach, the body can digest carbohydrates more efficiently than digest and metabolize animal protein and fat.

Those having such blood type consume soy proteins, grains, and vegetable frequently. . Especially, eat fruits that are alkaline based like apple, dates, berries, peaches etc. Type A should strictly avoid papayas, mangoes and oranges as it will affect the digestive system. Also, consuming dairy products is not a good idea.

Blood Group B

This blood group is more flexible then A or O. Blood Group B can have more intake of nutrients from both animals, and vegetables. They are the real omnivores. But it is crucial to maintain balance. Moreover, they should avoid chicken, wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds otherwise they will experience fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia. .

Blood Group AB

This blood type should avoid caffeine and alcohol during stressful situations. Especially, smoked or cured meats can cause stomach cancer. Blood group AB has a sensitive digestive tract, so one should eat at small intervals to manage insulin levels. Sea-food is the perfect diet for them.

Blood Group O

Type O should include lean beef meat, lamb, turkey and chicken in their diet. Especially, more intakes of seafood, kelp and iodized salt will increase hormone production. They should also eat egg, nuts and seeds in moderation. It is also advisable for blood type O to eat their food when seated.

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