Follow these Sehri tips to keep your body hydrated all day


As mercury in cities across Pakistan soars and Karachi is gripped by a heatwave, not being able to drink water while you are fasting becomes an extremely difficult task.

When temperature is high, it is also not uncommon to feel dehydrated.

Here are some tips to follow during Seher to keep you hydrated all day:

1) Eat Sehri at least half an hour before the time for Fajr so you have at least 30 minutes to just drink water. You could keep a bottle of water with you and finish it in the last 30 minutes before Fajr.

2) Many of us are in the habit of drinking lots of water and/ or juices for Iftari. However, one should not eat or drink too quickly as that will make you feel heavy and lethargic. Instead eat and drink smaller portions but throughout the time between Iftari and Sehri.

3) Eggs are a favourite choice for Sehri, however, egg yolk makes one thirsty. Try to avoid egg yolk if you can.

4) One of the best foods to have for Sehri during the summer time is yoghurt. You could have a bowl of yoghurt topped with berries, cereal or simply on its own. You could also have a glass of lassi and it will keep you hydrated all day.

5) Avoid eating red meat for Sehri as it is harder to digest and increases body temperature.

6) Also, avoid tea and coffee for Sehri as they increase body temperature and make you feel dehydrated.

7) You should also avoid salty and spicy food as they too can lead to dehydration.

8) Instead, one must have vegetables and fruits which are rich in water content such as watermelon, cantaloupe, spinach and zucchini among others.


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