Five reasons you start having acne


Are you worried about the sudden pesky marks appearing on your face? If so, you are not alone. Furthermore, there are couple of reasons behind this sudden attack of acne. Here are a few of these,

Heavy makeup

You put on heavy make-up and the result is this. Your skin can’t breathe as products plug pores and oil glands, bolstering bacteria), causing breakouts. The cycle repeats until you have no choice but to either put on more makeup to cover the red bumps.

Your hair

If you regularly use a heavy pomade or conditioner or wash hair less often, the oil and grease from your scalp will travel onto your forehead. The result is acne.

Your Bluetooth

This one isn’t actually acne but if you talk on a headset, you may notice an acne-like red cluster of bumps around your cheek and jawline. Having an allergy to metal, particularly nickel is a common culprit.

Way you brush teeth

You can also react to additives, like fragrances, in your toothpaste, giving you a ring of redness around your mouth that looks like a breakout. Changing toothpaste brands is a logical first step. But putting something around lips before brushing your teeth to protect the area, like petroleum jelly. It acts like a barrier that protects skin; just wash off when done.

Your supplement

You may think you are doing something beneficial when you take protein shakes or energy bars but these things are adding sugar and carbs to your diet. This may also be cause for acne.

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