Five Kashmiris killed in held Valley


SRINAGAR: Indian government powers killed five presumed aggressors in involved Kashmir, police said on Tuesday, a day after assailants purportedly shot dead five warriors.

The killings come as the fretful and questioned domain is hit by a line of nonmilitary personnel shootings, with seven killed last week in assaults asserted by enemies of India assailant bunch, The Resistance Front (TRF).

Police said the five men were killed in two separate occurrences in the southern Shopian space of the contested district.

Three of those killed were individuals from the TRF, police asserted, saying one of them was answerable for the passing of a road peddler last week.

Kashmir’s top armed force official, Lt Gen Devendra Pratap Pandey, said the tactical activities were not associated with the regular citizen killings.

“I might not want to associate these tasks with any of the occasions that occurred in Srinagar or somewhere else,” Pandey told journalists.

It comes after five officers were killed on Monday in a mountain pass close to the Line of Control (LoC) separating the region from Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It was the deadliest assault on military powers nearby since a 2013 truce along the LoC was restored in February.

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