FIR against Asiya Andrabi & collective conscious of Indian Society


The government of largest democracy in the world and so called secular state, has registered a FIR against Asiya Andrabi for hoisting a Pakistani flag and singing the national anthem of Pakistan while celebrating the Pakistan Day in Srinagar.

Asiya Andrabi is the chief of Dukhtaran-e-Millat , a strong supporter of resolving the Kashmir issue according to the UN resolutions to end the Indian occupation of Kashmir. Asiya Andrabi’s husband Dr. Qasim is also paying the price of his love for Pakistan and struggle for the freedom of Kashmir; he has been illegally detained in the Indian jails by the Indian government since last 22 years without having any serious charges against him.

Few days back Asiya Andarabi said while talking about her husband that “As far as the release of my husband is concerned, I am not hopeful at all that he will be released,” She added that the release of the political prisoners should not be considered as a major breakthrough and a big leap by the state dispensation.

Pakistan Day is celebrated by the political leaders and people of Kashmir on 23rd March. This time most of the political leaders of Kashmir including Syed Ali Gilani, Shabir Shah, Mir Waiz Umer Farooq, Yaseen Malik and many more participated in the Pakistan Day celebrations at Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi. All of the Kashmiri leaders emphasized on the peaceful solution of the Kashmir Issue while talking to the media in Pakistani High Commission.

Asiya Andrabi and few other leaders were also invited by Pakistani High Commission but she preferred to celebrate Pakistan Day in Srinagar with the members of her party.  Asiya Andrabi on the occasion of Pakistan Day organized a gathering in Srinagar and hoisted the Pakistani flag to show her love for Pakistan and solidarity with the People of Pakistan.

She claimed that she is a Pakistani and wants to make Kashmiris aware about the importance of the Pakistan Day. Asiya Andrabi also thanked Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi for inviting her to attend Pak day celebrations in New Delhi.

After the two days of hue and cry of Indian media, a case has been registered against Asiya Andrabi for hoisting Pakistani flag and singing a Pakistani National Anthem at Nowhatta Police station under Section 13 of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

In a country like India where Kashmiri students had been expelled from Indian Universities just for celebrating a win of Pakistani Cricket team,  imprisonment of Kashmiri people for decades without any serious charges and even hanging of the Kashmiris just to satisfy the collective conscious of its society, FIR against Asiya Andrabi for celebrating Pakistan day in Kashmir is not a shocking news for Kashmiris but still most of the Political leaders of Indian occupied Kashmir strongly condemned  this act of Indian government.



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  1. Attention! You Pakis and the people of Kashmir

    1.You make it clear to yourself now:
    You Pakis and Kashmiri people that out leader,the Indian leader our Modi the visionary(great one) has got a great vision the vision of a wolf which shall devour the whole of the humanity. The whole of India is proud of his arrogance because that is his religion. Keep it in mind ,you all that a peace loving Kashmiri shall soon be killed by anybody by any means especially through radiation and poison in accordance to the secret orders of Mr. Modi the PM of India because he leaked the secret nuclear proliferation program of India. The name of the victim is Moulana Roomee who desperately wants to save the humanity

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