FIA Starts Crackdown on Fraudulent Online Stores in Pakistan


For many people in Pakistan who want to give e-commerce stores a try but were always afraid of their trustworthiness and reliability, there’s been a welcome development.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has now taken account of consumer complaints regarding online stores that are operational in Pakistan.

One ecommerce website, Saqiscity, went out of business a few months ago. Many people who had their orders pending were unable to get their refunds, leading to an outpouring of anguish on social media and internet forums regarding the lack of safeguards against online fraud in Pakistan.

The FIA has finally woken up to the threat posed by Saqiscity and other similar ecommerce stores that may think of getting away with people’s money.

Saqiscity Becomes Target of FIA Crackdown Against Fraudulent E-Commerce Sites

For online buyers, this move reflects increased confidence in the ability of law enforcement authorities to tackle complaints related to fraud, identity theft and other similar cyber crimes.

Now anyone can contact FIA and lodge complaints if they’ve been treated shabbily by online stores. There may be no shying away, sitting down and bearing the loss for consumers. They can contact NR3C and register their complaint. For ecommerce sites, its more prudent to honor their commitments than ever before.

The following message was posted at the URL of Saqiscity:

This website is being used an online fraudulent shopping transaction from the innocent peoples, hence FIA Cyber Crime Circle Karachi arrested the owner and registered case FIR No 37/2015 of this alleged website.

All customers are advised to please contact on below details of the FIA Cyber Crime Circle Karachi

Email :
Phone number. 021-99249650-2
Address: FIA, Cyber Crime Circle, Karachi situated at FIA Building, 1st Floor,
Near Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, Johar Chorangi Karachi


Contact NR3C (FIA) if you have been the victim of cyber crime (Ecommerce Fraud)

It is pertinent to mention that many ecommerce stores and social media businesses in Pakistan are thriving, thanks to their stellar services and customer support that remains engaged with the consumers 24/7.

The conduct of few black sheep in this sector can, however, betray the people’s trust in the still-nascent online shopping economy in Pakistan, dealing a body blow to the take off of ecommerce initiatives in the country.

Therefore, efforts by NR3C such as those against Saqiscity (better late than never) are laudable, presenting the opportunity for law enforcement agencies to keep tabs on online fraud and swindling by criminals. Protecting the consumers’ interest is crucial as is clamping down on digital crimes.

You can register your complaint against NR3C by just filling a form on their website.Here are more details on how to do it.

A Lesson for All Stakeholders

Ecommerce is billed as one of the central planks that can lead to economic growth in the country. Just take a look at how AliExpress has made life easier and convenient for Pakistani shoppers online. Now consider how revolutionary it would be if Amazon or Paypal were to come in Pakistan.

For online businesses to invest in Pakistan, our country needs to have a robust system of checks and balances in place, one where criminals are prosecuted and consumer rights are upholded.

Also, with Pakistan making efforts to curb the misuse of Intellectual Property, it is not a far stretch to say that the country isn’t conductive for foreign companies to set up shop. FIA’s recent steps are much welcome in this respect and we hope they keep the efforts steady in this regard.

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