FIA to reward officer Taimoor who foiled bid of SSP Rao Anwar to flee the country


ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will reward its immigration officer Taimor who foiled bid of former Malir SSP Rao Anwar to flee the country.

According to sources, Taimor recognised the officer accused of killing Naqeebullah Mehsud in a staged encounter as the later approached his immigration counter at Rawal Lounge of the Benazir International Airport here.

“As soon as I saw his passport and tried to match the picture with his face I realised this man appears on TV regularly,” Taimor told his superior during the investigation. Sources said there was no alert on the airport about Rao Anwar as his name was not included in the Exit Control List (ECL) when he tried to fly to Dubai through a private airline in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Soon after realising that the traveller is high profile accused, Taimor asked him to produce No Objection Certificate (NOC) which is required for all government employees travelling abroad. Rao Anwar produced a document in response but Taimor said the document does not appear genuine and he needs to verify the authenticity of the same.

The case was referred to Taimor’s seniors and soon top FIA officials were made aware of the attempted escape of the controversial police officer. Finally after a couple of hours Rao Anwar was allowed to leave the airport along with his luggage which was offloaded on the directions of FIA.

While asked why Rao Anwar was not arrested at the airport, a senior official of the FIA said the agency was not aware of the criminal charges against him. “The officer present only knew that Anwar was facing some inquiry but no one at that time knew the nature of charges and whether he could be arrested on the basis of those charges.”

However later on Tuesday the Supreme Court directed the ministry of interior to place the name of the police officer on the exit control list. “We are proud of our officer Taimor and he will be rewarded for his alert-mindedness,” a senior official told The News requesting anonymity.


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