Feminist Extremism


Men and women are a team. Women are made equal to men. Feminism is going towards anarchy and regression, while men and women were actually supposed to bond and progress as a unit.


A real feminist is the one who seeks to empower women without dis-empowering men. Gender equality is where men’s and women’s roles are divided, and each performs their own duties within their own positions – the man being the breadwinner and the woman being the caretaker.

The Feminist movement, which started in the late 19th century, originally to protect the social and moral rights of women, has gone too far – so far as to pronounce men a menace to the society.

Radical feminists argue that the society is a patriarchy where men are the oppressors of women by nature. They believe that by eliminating patriarchy and other systems, which perpetuate the domination of one group over another, they will liberate everyone from the unjust society.

This mindset has given rise to many feminist organizations, including Femen and Femithests, who advocate the idea of castrating men, considering their male sex as the root of all evil, thus helping ‘decontaminate’ the world of this menace. These organizations are not only dis-empowering men, but they are also giving rise to the same kind of patriarchy the early feminist movements argued against; only this time the oppressor being the woman.

Since the beginning of the feminist revolution, the discussion of the traditional family structure has been a subject of great debate, where a man goes out to hunt and the woman takes care of her home and family. In the 1960s, these feminist organizations condemned the traditional family structure as the source of all oppression for women, illustrating the ‘home’ as the most dangerous place for them, where they were thought to be victims of violence by their husbands.

During World War II, many women entered the workforce out of necessity. Though women resumed their caregiver positions after the war, their new found sense of independence changed the traditional family structure altogether. When women chose to work outside the home, alternative childcare became a necessity, giving rise to stay-at-home dads. The number of stay-at-home dads began gradually increasing in the late 20th century, especially in the developed Western nations. According to a 2011 survey in the US, 3.42% of stay-at-home parents are dads.

The loss of man’s traditional role of the breadwinner, and the emphasis for him to be more of a hands on parent, has left many men unsure of their role, and has been presented as one of the reasons behind the increasing number of divorces.

Feminism has also given rise to lesbianism. Although homosexuality was always existent in the past, it has only very recently been legalized. Some feminist theorists of sexuality evaded biological fixation, and embraced social construction as the basis of sexuality. In a broad sense, lesbianism entails identification of women with women, where a man is needed only for reproduction purposes, giving rise to single motherhood. 41% of all children born in the US are to unmarried mothers, and a good percentage of these mothers belong to lesbian relationships.

These feminist organizations exaggerate all men as being rapists, where they consider one in every four women a victim of rape or attempted rape. Christina Sommers, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Clark University, once interviewed a young woman from the University of Pennsylvania who came in a short skirt for the interview. She told Sommers that she had recently been a victim of a mini rape. Upon inquiry, Sommers found out that a boy in her university had commented on her legs. Such exaggeration leads to immoral feminist attitudes towards men, giving rise to not only feminism, but also aggressive attacks on feminism, where the opinions of others are considered futile.

Shameful acts have been carried out in the name of feminism. Adultery has become common, so has nudity, with women pronouncing a right to their own bodies in the face of the horrendousness committed against them.

Take the case of the Ukrainian feminist organization, Femen, who stripped off in a mosque in Stockholm, protesting against Islam and its supposedly unjust laws for women. This attempted to insult a religion and its followers to the very core. Like the feminists have a difference of opinion, so do Muslims, and to resort to such shameful acts must be punished the same way terrorism is; as this crime is no less – violating another person’s belief of right or wrong.

Islam has given equal rights to women in education, marriage, property, business, etc. There are areas where there may seem to be an apparently unequal treatment, but in essence, these laws are for protecting the women’s rights in the larger perspective.

Acts such as the one attempted in the mosque in Stockholm do not represent the liberty of women, but they grip them even more in male chauvinism, where they are used as sex symbols and sex slaves for men.

Feminism has blindly destroyed womanhood. From being used as a sex toy to workplace labor, women have lost their true position in the society, resulting in single motherhood, failed marriages and a total collapse of the family structure, in turn resulting in the imbalance and total chaos of the system of life on earth.

Men and women are a team. Women are made equal to men, but they are not equal to men in all aspects. In some aspects, they are superior to men and in others, inferior. Being feminist, in the sense of the word, strays them from the most important aspect of humanity – continuation of our race. Motherhood is the most complex aspect of evolution. Feminism is going towards anarchy and regression, while men and women were actually supposed to bond and progress as a unit.

We can argue that Capitalism is as much responsible for destroying the family system, but feminist groups have not reversed the situation or found solutions to it either; rather, feminists have added to the chaos and walked hand in hand with the consumerism and capitalist ideologies.

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