FC Balochistan gun down two BLA terrorists in Quetta


QUETTA: FC Balochistan conducted an IBO in Quetta on Monday in which two wanted terrorists of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) were killed in the exchange of fire. 

According to the ISPR, the killed terrorists were involved in attacking armed forces, target killing, kidnapping for ransom and planting IED explosives in Quetta, Margate and Sangaan areas.

On the other hand, security forces recovered a large quantity of weapons during an operation at Nizkan khel,Razin,Nazar khel, village Kaskai of  Lower Dir, village Sirigal of Chitral and various areas of Dara Adam khel in South Waziristan Agency.

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Among the weapons recovered by the security forces included SMGs ,Sakila gun,missiles,12 bore rifles, grenades, communication equipment,binoculars,
ammunition of various calibres including 82 MM mortar & 12.7 mm rounds, rockets of RPG7 , rounds of Draganov, Switches,detonators and 14.5 mm ammunition.











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