Fall of Khilafah, Loss of Glory!!


Pehla Kalma Tayyaba,2

The Times newspaper once quoted a Hindu writer saying, “Turkey is now reduced from being a world influence as the head of Islam to the insignificance of a Balkan state”.

That was on the 7th of March, 1924, a few days after the destruction of the Khilafah ruling system at the hands of the traitor Mustafa Kamal Pasha. Almost 87 years later, it is clear what a miserable fate was to await the Muslims of the Balkan states such as Bosnia and Kosovo; who could not forget the sight of their girls tormented and unable to bear the dishonor, hanging by their necks from trees? Who could forget the field full of bones at Srebrenica? These were victims of crimes committed under the nose of a cowardly UN protection force that had betrayed its promise; a promise given in exchange for the disarming of the local Muslim fighters defending against the Serbs.

We should ask how such things could happen when the sons of Sultan Murad, who had brought Islam to the Balkans 600 years earlier, were only 15 minutes away by plane? How desperate we felt when planes of food and blankets and copies of Qur’an were sent while our armies were locked in their barracks!!

How many hundreds of thousands of children have died in Iraq under a cruel international regime of sanctions? Yet, at the time of writing this piece, the doors of Iraq’s neighbours are now open to a similar number of US troops, in readiness for yet another killing spree, this time in the name of ‘War on Terror’ (WoT).

How long will the Muslims of Afghanistan suffer American bombing and subjugation to mafia warlords, under the cover of a phony ‘Loya Jirga’ headed by a Pashtun, who is consultant for the major American oil company UNOCAL?

Muslims everywhere sense themselves an open target for attack – an easy prey whether in Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Somalia, Burma, Gujarat or Assam, and the list is growing.

Since the destruction of Khilafah, Muslims have been plumbing the depths of despair. The Islamic world has become characterized by failure, disunity, bloodshed, insecurity and oppression. Our countries are totally ineffective on the international stage, and due to the dominance of our enemies, they are unable to do anything for themselves. Worse than that, our rulers themselves seem to be the dagger at our own throats in the hands of our enemies.

Why is it that in matters of religion, history, language and culture we are so similar to each other, yet we are so disunited?

In the end, these questions boil down to one, namely, why is it that the once mighty and great Muslim nation is now so weak?

Our weakness is not inherent and certainly doesn’t lie with Islam. We are weak because we have abandoned Islam in every sphere of our life. We have adopted sham Western culture and its satanic political and economic models. Muslims have adopted new religions of Secularism, Liberalism, Feminism, etc. Moral and ethical degradation has deeply penetrated our society.

Although we are Muslims by name and we’ll remain Muslims till our death, but our actions and deeds are not Islamic.

The present day Muslims can no longer be said to represent Islam. The public values, ideas, concepts and ruling system proceed from a non-Islamic point of view. We have changed our loyalties and commitments from Islam to ignorance (jahiliyah).

Capitalism, Socialism, Nationalism, self-interest, benefit and pride are all ideas that have replaced the unity of Allah (Tawheed) as the motivation of life and source of Authority. Thus, the Islamic values have ceased to enter our hearts, our minds are no longer illuminated by the true Islamic concepts and our way of life is at variance with our creed.

The misery, humiliation and oppression Muslim Ummah is facing can be eradicated only by sincere repentance to Allah Ta’ala, individually as well as collectively, and pledging that we’ll never again betray the Deen of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.). Else total annihilation is hammering at our doors, “Tumhari dastaan tak bhi na hogi dastaanon mein” (Even your story will be unheard of).

A glorious future is awaiting us if we implement the obligations of Qur’an in their true spirit, because Allah Ta’ala promised the glory of Deen-e-Islam. It’s up to us whether we want to be on the right side of history or on the wrong end – ‘Hizb-ush-Shaitan’ or ‘Hizbu’Allah’.

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  1. You keep barking about the glory days of Muslim Empires. Take a long hard look at your own backyard first. How do you feel about our young Pakistani girls being sold in the market? Islam is about social justice, something you have forgotten.

    Take care your own backyard called Pakistan and let Allah worry about Muslim Ummah.

  2. I find this to be a fascinating article that sums up the major problem with the Muslim world…the way the author can recognize that the Muslim countries are characterized by ” failure, disunity, bloodshed, oppression” …and yet the non Muslim world is not dealing with these problems…then..incredibly, in the summary the author tries to promote that more Islam is the answer?…and western ways are the source of the problem? … the major problem that you have is …denial, denial denial…by Muslim people that it is your blend of religion and politics that is the real source of your problems!…it is so obvious that an outside observer cannot believe that you don’t see it…

    • While for 1300 years faith and unity was the hallmark of Muslim reign in most of the world, today the lack of these has led to a disaster. Thus, the author makes a case to return to these values which the non-muslim world recognized as it’s stregnths. Winston Churchill once said that as long as Muslims adhered to the values in he Koran, it will not be possible to defeat them. So, the west, christiandom and their minions (such as the hindus) have conspired and succeeded in sowing the seeds of discontent and sectarian hatred among muslims. In the end we muslims have only to blame our selves because we have strayed from the path of righteousness and enlightenment. It is only a matter of time that we see another resurgence, however. I am confident that the new generation is on that path. Myopic idiots like eddied would not ever understand this.

      • @zak…so you think that” the west is responsible for sectarian hatred”..:you are such a typical religious fanatic in your denial of the real problem…you think islam and Muslims are perfect, they never make mistakes, and all problems come from the west….no wonder why your country is currently in the cesspit that years of blind belief in an archaic and outdated ideology has led it into…

        • @ Eddied … I m not sure how much you know about Islam… Islam is not exactly what you see in the world today. Some problem creator people from within have taken the slogan of Islam and being exploited from within and outside people. In addition, majority of the muslims are not truly following Islam, including myself. I know if I follow what Islam says… i won’t talk harsh language, i’ll respect other religions, i’ll share happiness with other people regardless of religion, never ever lie even in extreme cases, and will bring them to oneness of a God. There was a scholar in sub-continent called Iqbal, he said, “Once you(mulsims) were following the Quran, you were on top. Now you have left the Quran, you are being abused”. Exactly true. I am not justify Islam, Islam is pure and beautiful. I meant, muslims need improvement on behaviors, responses, actions, reactions, and be a true symbol of a peace religion Islam.

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