Facebook to remove ads on pages having offensive content



London: Social media giant Facebook has decided that it will review its advertising system in order to avoid placing adverts on pages having offensive content.

According to BBC, Facebook will now decide where adverts will appear on its site following instances of many companies withdrawing their advertising after complaints about the adverts being placed on pages having offensive content.

Marks and Spencer and BSkyB were among the companies who withdrew their adverts after an advert was placed on a Facebook page called ‘ cute and gay boys’ featuring photographs of teenage boys.

Facebook said that it recognizes the need to prevent situations where adverts appear alongside controversial pages or content and it will implement a new process to determine which pages or groups should feature adverts alongside the content.

The report said that Facebook will not feature adverts on pages having violent, graphic or sexual content even if such content is in conformity with Facebook’s guidelines.

A ‘gold standard’ of around 10,000 pages will be created containing pages deemed suitable for adverts, and other pages will be inspected to see if they can be added to the list and all adverts will be removed from other pages.

Marks and Spencer and BSkyB said that they were keen on using Facebook again but the company must ensure them about the appropriate placement of their adverts.

BSkyB saidt that the company has asked Facebook to devise safeguards to ensure that their advert does not appear alongside inappropriate material in the future while Marks and Spencer said that the company will not tolerate any inappropriate use or positioning of its brand and has very clear policies that govern where and how their brand is used.

The report further added that earlier this month Facebook was forced to act against misogynist content on its site after protests from women’s groups led some advertisers to suspend campaigns.

Source: ANI

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