Facebook Messenger Now Has A Redesigned Home Screen


Facebook has been pushing for users to adopt its Messenger app. Its mobile app has more or less killed of the in-app messaging feature in favor of Messenger, and last we checked, Facebook was pushing for the same with its web app as well, and we guess to help make the app more compelling, Facebook has introduced some pretty big changes.

For the most part, Messenger allows users to message their friends. The “home” section of the app pretty much displays all the contacts that you’ve chatted with, but apparently Facebook thinks it could be better, which is why they have decided to revamp the home screen of the Messenger app to make it more useful and convenient.

According to Facebook, “Now, you’ll see your conversations and ways to connect right where you need them most. You’ll still see the first few most recent messages at the top of your screen, followed by a new Favorites section, which highlights people you message most frequently, so you can quickly pick up your last conversation.”

They have also included useful reminders like birthdays so that you won’t need to open the Facebook app just to see, and it allows you to send a quick birthday message to that person as well. The update does not appear to be global just yet so possibly only those in the US will see these changes, but we expect that eventually it will make its way to other users as well.

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