Facebook has weathered social media turmoil, says survey


Facebook usage has held steady in the United States despite a string of controversies about the leading social network, even as younger users tap into rival platforms such as TikTok, a survey showed on Wednesday.

The Pew Research Centre survey from early 2021 found 69 per cent of American adults use Facebook, and 72pc used at least one social media site, levels which have been stable for the past five years.

“While there has been much written about Americans’ changing relationship with Facebook, its users remain quite active on the platform,” the researchers wrote.

“Seven-in-ten Facebook users say they use the site daily, including 49pc who say they use the site several times a day.”

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1617027/facebook-has-weathered-social-media-turmoil-says-survey

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