Exploded Pakistani boat was carrying liquor: report



NEW DELHI- A suspected Pakistani boat claimed by India’s ruling party to be on a suspicious mission exploded in the Arabian Sea following a chase, but the Indian Express reported on Friday that the boat seemed to be on routine trip when it was intercepted.

“Less than 48 hours after the Coast Guard destroyed a vessel it claimed was ferrying explosives and terrorists from Pakistan into Indian waters, new evidence has begun to emerge that the victims of the operation might have been small-time liquor and diesel smugglers, transporting bootleg cargo from the port of Gwadar to other fishing boats,” the Express said, citing unnamed sources.

According to the report, the fishing boat did not have an engine capable of outrunning Indian interceptors.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry was unclear whether the incident had happened at all.

In a press release, the Indian Ministry of Defence said, “A fishing boat from Keti Bunder near Karachi was planning some illicit transaction in Arabian Sea.”

Meanwhile, other Indian reports said Pakistan-based terrorist groups are trying to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir by taking advantage of the cross-border firing.

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  1. All Pakistanis need to view Indo Pakistani relationships based on one historic event because it repeats time after time again.

    The only way to understand Indian psyche is through the event that took place between the Mughal empire seeking reconciliation with cowardly Hindu nationalist bandits. As a token of reconciliation the Mughals gave one final opportunity to the retreating Hindu terrorists hiding in the mountains another opportunity for truce rather than spill their blood. The showering Hindu terrorist jumped at the opportunity. The Mughal emissary was a battle hardened 6ft plus Afzal Khan and the Hindu bandits were led by one barely 5ft something Siva.

    Both groups met at a convenient place and it was agreed both would come unarmed to reconcile their differences.

    Little did the Mughals know the Hindu terrorist would not follow any code of honour as he hid a knife purposely to kill Afzal Khan.

    When the two meet the Mugal in customary muslim tradition met with open arms a 6ft tall towering figure as he embraced Siva was stabbed in the back.

    The are distinct parallels between this episode and every step of friendship Pakistan has made to this deceitful duplicit country.

    India should not be trusted as she scurries to gain some depth in Afghanistan by protecting her assets like Fazlullah in Afghanistan.

    India can never be trusted and us our mortal enemy and only when we realise this Pakistan can become secure and move forward.

    Indians instigate attacks on Pakistan and witness and link everything to Pakistan with zero credible evidence this is then magnified through their friends in Zionist Media and lobby’s who push the Indian narrative to change the perception of people and states against Pakistan.

    Pakistan can not afford to sit back now and work harder to inform the masses of Indian skull duggery and equally ordinary Pakistan like us must else be vocal on the web and counter the Indian trolls.

    These are not isolated incidents but planned and architected by Indian military and state and is linked to securing their proxies being hunted all over Pakistan & Afghanistan.

    Siva is their role model and hero for us a thief traitor and terrorist and they have his statue erected in the bay of Mumbai to celebrate their triumph through backstabbing over the Mughals.

    Every Indian Hindu is Siva when it comes to Pakistan, never forget this.

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