Experts advise long walk, healthy eating to avoid diabetes


KARACHI: Medical experts have stressed the need for long walks and healthy eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle for avoiding diabetes, a mysterious illness which gradually eats up its victim.

They were speaking at a seminar organised by the Express Media Group on the World Diabetes Day to spread awareness about the disease. A large number of people attended the seminar.

In his speech, Chairman Sir Syed College of Medicine and Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrining Institute Professor Zaman Sheikh informed the audience about how the disease spreads in the system

Calling diabetes a mysterious illness which gradually eats up its victim, he advised long walks to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He explained that those falling prey to the disease in their childhood are categorized into type -1 and those getting affected after 40 in the type-2.

Dr Sarmad Shera, another speaker, said the world Diabetes Day was first celebrated in 1991. “Diabetes attacks women quickly, and is transmitted to the children through mothers,” he informed the audience.

He cautioned that 80% of hospitals have unprofessional doctors “who insist on the use of insulin without any proper justification”.

“Two out of five women become a victim of the diabetes, and one of every seven pregnant women gives birth to a diabetic child. According to an estimate, 98% of the population is the victim of type-1 diabetes,” Dr Shera said.

Dr Basit of Baqai University said, “No proper survey had been done on the diabetic patients in the country.  According to an estimate, out of every 10,000 diabetic patients, 3,000 belong to urban and 7,000 to rural areas.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Ghulam Mehboob said, “The disease can be controlled, but through healthy lifestyle.”

Professor Masood Alam said Pakistanis “is a nation suffering from obesity”.

The speakers at the end of the seminar thanked Express Media Group for organising the seminar.


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