Exclusive Pics of Madarsa in Peshwar that US sanctioned

Drones are not the only way to intrude in a nation’s sovereignty, the US has now found a new way, it has started putting sanctions on petty internal affair of the state, such as sanctioning the closure of this Madrassa in Peshawar. The US Treasury, on Tuesday the 20th, had set economic sanctions on the Islamic school and branded it a “terrorist training center” supporting al Qaeda and the Taliban. Like most act and sanctions of the US government no proof or trial accompanies this allegation except these pictures.
Has the democratically elected government been blinded, and unable to see new type of lowly intrusion into the affairs of the state, Or is this the price of democracy, the Nawaz party has paid beforehand in some covert deal?


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  1. This salafist Madrassah has supported a number of known terrorist and has been found to supply funds to terrorist…extremists who support jihadi murderers are not worthy of defense by peaceful Muslims…The USA has used its intelligence to determine the sources of funding for terrorists and is acting on this knowledge…Pakistanis who defend Islamic extremists encourage this type of murderous uncivilized behavior and foolishly will probably reap the damages of their support of killers..

    • Arsehole eddied up to his usual bulshit. Are you talking about the same extremist, murderous intelligence organization that told the world, through the mouth of Colon Powel, that Iraq had WMD and used the pretext to kill a million innocent Iraqis, women and children? The same org. that claims that drones kill terrorists not innocents, but recent analysis shows up to 75% killed are innocent, mostly women and children. The same org. that just admitted their role in Iran in installing the Shah. The same org. that lobbed daisy cutter bombs in Afghanistan killing everything, animals, men, women and children,in a 5 mile radius. The org. that spies on it’s won allies, when outed calls it treason. You’re one sick propagandist eddied. The old soviets would have loved to have you in their information ministry. By the way the above is a very short list, I can go on and on.

      • @zak..it is clear that you hate the west and everything it stands for..it is good that you are in Pakistan where your anti American views will make you typical of uneducated mullahs that want to go back to the 7th century…what have your people ever done for the good of the world except spew out lies and unsubstantiated claims about drones than are just lies…the acts of the USA have left this world better in Iraq and Afganistan who now have the possibility of democracy…most of the killing that has occurred has been Muslim against Muslim and you know that is true…

  2. @eddied. I would like you to get some basic understanding of Islam , would recommend you to listen to Dr Zakir for that purpose. Also pls also read “Confessions of Econ Hitman” by John perkins.. There are many “facts” which today’s average american is completely unaware of. Remember there are black sheeps in every community, so we dont hate americans in general but the innocent bloodshed & the “pigheaded aggression” which Obama is using to attack Syria inspite of all the objections from every sane human. Please recognize the facts & avoid the hastiness in adopting a blame game.

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