EU sends help to Turkey as out of control fire loss of life hits 8


The European Union sent assistance to Turkey on Monday and volunteers joined firemen in doing combating seven days of savage blasts that have killed eight individuals and squeezed President Recep, Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey’s battles against its deadliest rapidly spreading fires in many years come as a rankling heatwave holds southeastern Europe making tinderbox conditions that Greek authorities fault solidly on environmental change.

The flames tearing through Turkey since last Wednesday have annihilated colossal wraps of perfect backwoods and constrained the clearing of frozen travelers from shoreline inns.

In any case, they have likewise uncovered Erdogan — confronting a political race in two years that could broaden his standard into a third decade — to another round of analysis over his apparently drowsy and withdrawn reaction.

The Turkish chief went under stinging judgment for throwing packs of tea to local people while visiting perhaps the most gravely influenced areas under hefty police escort.

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