Envoy says Iran not giving arms to Houthis


ISLAMABAD: The spea­ker of the Iranian parliament on Monday denied the impression that Tehran was backing Yemeni rebels in their armed campaign against Saudi Arabia.

Responding to a question, Dr Ali Ardeshir Larijani denied that Iran had supplied missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen. “They are fighting by themselves,” he maintained.

Riyadh has accused Houthi rebels of firing at least three ballistic missiles at the kingdom over the past month alone, terming them ‘acts of war’. However, all the missiles were intercepted before they could cause any major damage.

Talking about the recently-concluded Spea­kers’ Conference, which was attended by top parliamentarians from six countries, Mr Larijani said it would contribute towards strengthening economic ties and regional cooperation against terrorism. “Consultations regarding ways to counter terrorism have always been useful,” he added.


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