Empowering women: Hunza Valley makes it to the top


Hunza Valley is matchless not just for its breathtaking landscape, but also for how it values the need for empowering the women.

The streets of the centuries old Altit Fort’s village may be narrow, but the minds of the people who reside here are not. While carpentry is stereotypically considered a job suited for men, it is the women here who are taking up the job.

A café located in the ancient garden of the fort is also being run by local women. From tabulating the finances and running the affairs to taking orders and cooking, the café has an all-women administration.

And not just this, but a ‘dhaba’ – a roadside food stall on the Karakoram Highway that connects Hunza to Gulmit, is also being managed by women of Gilgit Baltistan.

The village of Passu is famous for its beauty – having the most magnificent landscapes, but what makes it more beautiful are the cricket matches played by its women, surrounded by Passu’s gigantic mountains.

Women, if given the opportunity, can undoubtedly do wonders and carry out social reforms. For more on this watch the complete report of Dunya News below.















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