Election 2013; PKKH Appeal to the Nation



Finally the election campaign is over, taking a toll of 81 killed and 437 injured, and finally Pakistan is looking forward to the big day, when millions will turn out to vote tomorrow, for Elections2013.

Has democracy bore us its fruit, has this blind system of throwing the question upon a teaming 200million and making the answer evermore blur, benefitted us in the long run of six and a half decades? Have we upon embracing the tool of democracy for so many decades now, become a more prosperous, happier, more content nation? Do we, standing upon this model, lent from our occupiers, stand today, taller, more dignified or more prideful as a nation? No is the apparent answer.


Why has this happened, its simple! Tossing a question to 200million, and not considering the un-countable dynamics that can emerge or can be created, in a blind struggle for power, is like giving place to high levels of corruptions, to foster. That is what has practically happened, wide-spread rigging, horse-trading, seat adjustments, intimidation of clans and baradaries, sheep-herding of unaware populace under false/temporary slogans, briberies, large scale false promises and what not, all have become part and parcel of a system cherished as an absolute by our elite.

So what should the people of Pakistan do now, now that Dhaka has already fallen, now that Iraq and Afghanistan have been savagely broken down in front of our eyes for more than a decade, now that Syria has been in fire and blood for 2 years, now that the Arab Spring has left its begetters in an equally indecisive and more corrupt state. There are two answers for our nation; either we step into a revolution like the Arab Spring, of which we are clear that all such attempt have been abducted by vile forces, and that remains a possibility for us too, if we attempt. And the other answer is that we do the impossible!

The impossible for making the better vote, and killing the system with its own gun; breaking the status-quo and telling the elite democratic monarchs that if we gave you the mandate, we have the power to kick you out too. So until we wait for the real revolution, we need not keep our hands away from this soft revolution and give this message to our countrymen that they have to act sensible, one wise man behind every vote. Yes, this was the impossible, which was what the elite never suspected, there would never be one wise man behind one vote and we would always be able to manipulate, they thought.

But can the people of Pakistan, educate themselves today, that democracy means being able to whip the politicians with the whip every 5 years, and whoever has done the bad things, never ever give them your vote again. Vote for the most trustworthy of the lot, be after him for the whole five years and blow him out if he wasnt worth it. But it is not a matter of sarcasm, it is a matter of extreme retrospect and God-fearing.

PKKH appeals to the people of Pakistan, to be fully conscience upon the implications of these elections, in the local as well as the global scenario. We appeal to our people to take the matters in their hands, and make the politicians feel the whip of peoples power throughout the coming 5 years, by a full opposition and strict scrutiny in all public spheres. And if we are a Muslim people and a part of the Muslim Ummah, let us make that our vote and let us become a conscious force that will force our ruler upon the desired, corrected course, and vow not to sit dormant as the status quo trashes us down for another 5 years.

PKKH also appeals to the people of Pakistan, who are true believing people, upon the invincible, all hearing, all controlling, super power of all, Allah; they we should gather ourselves tonight and pray to our earnest and call upon our Allah to help us in this dire state we are in as a nation within and as a nation in the community of nations. That with His un-bounded grace, He returns His people to the glory once set for the courts of Qartabba, Gharnatta, Ajnadain, but not decline and destruction they faced, at the hands of their unruly, untamed rulers. Let us pray tonight, that may Allah make us the alive people, who tame their rulers to the righteousness and not wait for fate anymore, with hands tied to our fists. InshaAllah and Ameen

Islam Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad

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