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“and like this We have made you the Ummah treading the middle path, to make you witness over the people and to make the Prophet witness over you…“ (2:143)

The Muslim Ummah is no doubt an assembly of the largest people in human population that can act in unison, all at the same time, without any signal of worldly origin, but only upon a sign of God. As the sun rises upon the skies of these people in the succession of the day, around the earth, they fall in prostration unto their beloved, only God; and as the moon appears every 12th time in the year, on the sight-line of their skies, they bound in a larger-than-life communion with their Lord, with a whole month of fasting, discipline, reverence and piety.

These people, who may seem to be disunited within themselves, over worldly matters, are one. They are one, not by the measuring-rod of economic pacts or strategic union, they fail miserably on those ends; but measure them with the scale of their love for their Prophet, their assemblies in their mosques, their unity in their prayers, their callings for those prayers or love for their holy book the Quran, they are one as solid rock.

It has not been long, when the world saw millions of protestors on the streets, for week after week, with utmost fervor and boiling anger, from Tunis to Pakistan, to Bangladesh and Malaysia, and in Europe and the Americas, wherever Muslims are found, over a 5min video trailer on the YouTube, in disrespect to our beloved Prophet.

And the miracle of the Ramadan is ever more amazing, it has the magic of converting a whole section of humanity, into self-restraint from food and all evil-doing, turning them towards charity and prayer, for a whole month. These people make a covenant with their Creator, and they keep it.  They invoke, through their noble offerings of discipline and reverence, the prayer to bless upon mankind the blessings of peace, tranquility, prosperity and belief.

PKKH sends it best wishes to the Muslim community throughout the world and especially to it fellow citizens as we enter the eid celebrations, which mark the successful completion of a whole month of prestigious fasting and nearness with Allah, the All-Mighty.

Let us not forgets, in our felicities, that we are the Ummah of the middle path, a path that leads us to not overspend when happy and not to dread ourselves when being tested with difficulties; but be composed and hopeful towards our Lord in all conditions. We must remember that we have practiced for a month a means whereby man enters, body and soul, into an ‘other’ phase, to try to latch on to the promised forgiveness, mercy and grace, by the King of all kingdoms, to his bondsmen of faith; and therefore must not hurry to break free from this invisible latch of love and belief.

We must remember that we the Muslims are the only flag-bearers of the one true Deen of Allah that has reached us through Adam, Noah,  Hud,  Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and from him it has entered our feeble hands. Let us not forget that we stand today, on this earth, in the place of the Sent-Ones, as the callers towards belief and the securers of the peace of the world.

The PKKH team passes its heart-felt felicity to its Pakistani brethren in the pious celebrations of thanking Allah for letting us have His true lead and placing us in a position wherein humanity can rightfully look upon us as their potential savior and protector in the global scenario. Wherein, in these times of great human suffering, killing and exploitation, when all the so-called earthly super-powers have failed humanity drastically, the Muslims, with the heavenly constitution in their hands, hold the one true and practical formula to harmony and prosperity of humanity on the planet.

We join our nationals in the joys and festivities, on this auspicious occasion, joining our hands too, in the prayer that may Allah accept whatever little that we as a people have offered, with His generous acceptance. And while it has been His way, throughout history, to select a few to lead the whole, may He be so extremely generous towards the people of this nation as to ignite the fervor of true Deen and the resolve to uphold it, in each and every individual of the nation; so that in this gravely difficult time in the history of mankind, we as a nation are not only able to revolutionize our own fate, but the fate of the whole Ummah and by that the fate of the whole humanity.



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