Efforts on to broaden tax net, PAC told


ISLAMABAD – A parliamentary body yesterday was told that measures are being taken to bring the non-taxpayers into ‘tax net’ with the help of assessing their lifestyle.
The subcommittee of Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Sardar Ashiq Gopang, was informed that the government is taking steps to fix ‘tax evaders’ in the country by identifying their hidden economy in the country.
Giving briefing on the audit objections 2007-08, Chairman FBR Tariq Bajwa shared the measures to collect details of tax evaders in different areas relating to them. The revenue collecting body would collect information of foreign travelling, electricity bills details (which come in the range of 50000 to 200,000), fee of children, etc.
“These measures are being taken to broaden the tax net in the country. Such steps would help in identifying the hidden economy,” he said commenting that a large number of people in the country are avoiding to come in tax net.
It was further told that bank transaction of one million would also be used to ascertain the person’s tax details. He further cited a clause of law, which helps collect information of Rs one million transaction of citizens.
“With the help of collecting expenditures details it could be easy to identify hidden economy (unregistered economy) in the country,” said the chairman, adding that a large number of notices had also been issued to tax evaders for this purpose.
Sharing a suggestion in the committee, the committee chairman said that FBR should get direct access to the banks to further facilitate their tax collection process.
The parliamentary body also reviewed the audit objections of PIA for 2005-06. The committee members expressed displeasure on the services of PIA.



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