Education Bazaar


The first word revealed in Quran-e-Pak was the word IQRA which means READ.

Islam teaches us that getting proper education is the right of every man and woman and there is no limit of age for getting education. But the real questions that arise in our situation here in Pakistan are that:

  • Is it possible to get good education in Pakistan?
  • Can parents afford the expenses of a good education?
  • Are the government schools are providing standard education?

These are the main question marks on our educational system that we are facing which is why parents are bound to get their children admitted in private schools, colleges and universities because of the lack of quality in Government institutes. But the private institutions on the other hand are getting much more benefit from exploiting this situation by raising fees according to their desire and no one is there to monitor them and they are making the parents kind of hostages!!!

Parents have to pay fees in four figures or even more for a single child.

Parents who are jobbers it is very difficult to pay the fees of their children. Many of them cannot afford to pay so they have to cut down their other expenses and by reducing their life standard just because their children can get better education and they can live in the society proudly.

Many students cannot fulfill their dreams because of the high fees in every field of education whether it’s medical, engineering or arts. The average high school fees are around 150, 0000 to 200000 per year which the middle class students off course cannot afford.

Emotional torture

Sometimes it happens that parents cannot pay the fee in time and then the emotional and mental torture starts. In private Institutions they insult the students in the classes and sometimes students are even forced to leave the examination hall just because of their late fees. They are educating there and they didn’t understand this how much a student suffer by being insulted in front of the whole class even next day he don’t want to go to school next day and parents also gets affected by this torture.

Improving educational standards

Foremost the responsibility of the government is to provide best facilities to the civilians. Now, It’s time for the government institutions to raise their standard of education and give the private institutions a tough competition at least they will reduce their unusual fees so that parents will get some relief.

Difficult but not impossible

It’s difficult but not impossible to improve the education system in government institutions. If there will be a proper check and balance in the attendance of the institution staff, the classes are properly scheduled and the attendance rules are strict for students. Just by following these rules much improvement will be obvious.

It is a bitter truth that teachers prefer to join government institutions just because they get paid more than private institutions and the work load is equal to zero as compared to the private institutions. If the government is paying them well enough it is the responsibility that they perform their tasks honestly and regularly.

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