Economic Packages won’t change Kashmir’s reality: Geelani to PM


Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Asserting that announcement of packages or inauguration of railway lines and power projects cannot heal the wounds of Kashmiris, Hurriyat Conference Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani Tuesday asked Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to shun “traditional stubborn approach and fulfill commitment with respect to the resolution of the issue”.

Geelani in his address to Prime Minister said that Kashmir is neither an economic problem nor an issue related to good or bad management but is a historical reality, and “VIP visits or construction activities cannot resolve it”.

“During last 65 years you achieved a lot of experience and with your all military might, tried to change the motives and aspirations by announcing packages but you failed to change the hard realities,” Geelani said, adding that instead of all your attempts, situation remained unchanged. “The uncertainty and instability in Kashmir still prevails.”

While thanking people for observing complete shutdown call, the Hurriyat Chairman said if Singh desires that his visit should deliver some good then he should accept the reality and come with explanation by disclosing those involved in gang rape in Kunan Poshpora and the persons responsible for forced disappearance of 10,000 youth.

“He should make an announcement for independent inquiry in these incidents and should make an announcement for revocation of draconian laws and release all prisoners from jails,” he said.

The octogenarian leader said the Prime Minister cannot feel the inner aspirations of suppressed Kashmiris in closed door meetings with Saif ud Din Soz and Omar Abdullah nor would he know the hard reality. “Instead, he should visit Kunan Posha Pora village, visit the unmarked graveyards, listen to woeful tale of innocent son of Shaheed Mohamad Afzal Guroo and interact with those parents whose wards were brutally killed in year 2008 and 2010.”

Geelani said, “We as Kashmiri have nothing personal against you and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, however the people of Jammu and Kashmir do protest because both of you figure among the prominent personalities of that country which, with its military might and repressive measures have occupied the State. How it is possible they could be happy on your arrival”.

The pro-freedom leader said the people of Kashmir are not unrealistic in their approach nor are they fanatic. “Instead our people are a peace-loving nation and we want peaceful solution of Kashmir issue.”

“This war has been imposed on us by India and in principle we are not against negotiations,” Geelani said, adding that India is using these negotiations to buy time and is trying to mislead the international community.

Till now, Kashmir issue was discussed 150 times but no results were yielded. “This is because of the stubbornness of approach of India,” Geelani added.

Source: Kashmir Dispatch

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