EasyPaisa Launches App to Completely Manage Your Mobile Wallet Account


The game of mobile payments and m-wallets is heating up. Telenor was the first major telco to bring mobile accounts solution for the Pakistani consumer, (with Mobilink also following suit with Waseela Bank rebranded as Mobilink Microfinance Bank).

And now, it seems that Telenor has reached another first – the company recently released an EasyPaisa app for Android (no iOS version for now). This development is expected to lead to the explosive growth of mobile banking and transactions by smartphone users.

Let us take a look at how the EasyPaisa mobile app measures up.

User Experience of EasyPaisa App

When you first start the app, it asks for permissions to access:

  • Your phone calls.
  • Your phone media files.

This was our experience when booting it up for the first time in Android Marshmallow. The demand for access to your phone calls and contents seems a bit excessive.

It is a good idea to check out the Help Section at the bottom of the app, since it features answers to every common question:


ProPakistani also first tried testing the app on a rooted phone, a safety precaution given how rooted devices can have financial data compromised on them. Kudos to the app developers for this, for the app refused to run on a rooted device.


Users have 2 options the first time they open the app:

  • Login to EasyPaisa with existing account.
  • Create New Account (for both Telenor / Non-Telenor users)


For Existing Easy Paisa Account Holders:

In case of existing account, you can log in to Easy Paisa mobile wallet by entering your registered mobile number and 5-digit PIN code. As a safety precaution, the app will send a SMS verification code to the registered number as well.

For those who don’t have the PIN or have forgotten it, can call 3737 from Telenor numbers to reset their PIN.


For New Users:

New users will have to open their account in the following manner:

  • Telenor customer can dial *345*3737#, set up a PIN code, and your account will be created.
  • Non-Telenor customer:
    Send SMS to 0345-111-3737,
    Type ‘EP <CNIC Number>’ without the inverted commas and brackets. There should be a space between EP and your CNIC number.

And you’re ready to use the app.

An overview of all app features

Features of EasyPaisa Mobile App

The Easy Paisa app is well-designed, and gives you access to many of the functionalities that are required in a mobile account management app. You can check your balance, transfer money, maintain a log of your financial transactions, even pay your bills and top up your mobile phone credit (prepaid and postpaid included).


Mobile Balance Top Up


Bills Payment


Account Details Checking

Features like Store Locator and Payments are coming soon in a future app update.

Concluding Thoughts

Mobile bank account management apps aren’t a rarity. Standard Chartered’s Breeze mobile app is one example of how banking needs can be handled easily via a mobile app, taking care of payments, transfers and keeping a tab on financial details when you’re on the go. Other local banks have similar apps, or in the process of introducing so.

But given the reach and type of Telenor’s mobile banking services comparatively, this development bodes well for the future of mobile wallets in Pakistan. The release of EasyPaisa mobile app is expected to make other players in the industry take notice.

You can get the Easy Paisa app for Android here.

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