Dutch school children taught to pray at mosque


A primary school in Holland was made to change its curriculum after a video emerged, which showed children learning to pray at a local mosque. The parents of the children demanded that the school changed its learning methods, according to a Daily Mail report.

The video showed a local imam teaching students how to pray, with boys at one side and girls at another.

The video was shot last year, but it came to notice when a Dutch MP, Harm Beertema, highlighted it. The MP asked schools not to participate in such ‘politically correct activities’.

The 64-year-old MP urged parents to not to allow children to attend similar “away-with-our-culture” excursions.

Parents took to social media to express their views over the move.

In Holland, educational national curriculum asks children to ‘learn the main points about the religions which play a big role in the multicultural Dutch society’.

(Photo credits: CEC)

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