During Yemen’s civil war, over 11,000 children were killed: UN


Over 11,000 children, according to the United Nations, have been killed in Yemen’s civil war since it erupted nearly eight years ago.

According to Catherine Russell, executive director of UNICEF, thousands of children have died, and hundreds of thousands more are still at risk of dying from diseases that could have been avoided or starvation.

The UN organization said around two point 2,000,000 Yemeni kids are intensely malnourished, one-fourth of them matured under five and most are at outrageous gamble from cholera, measles and other antibody preventable infections.

She said the dire restoration of the ceasefire would be a positive initial step that would permit basic compassionate access.

In order to deal with the humanitarian crisis, UNICEF has asked for 484.4 million dollars in funding.

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