During unrest, Iran imprisons 400 protesters in Tehran


According to the city’s prosecutor-general on Tuesday, Iran has sentenced 400 protesters to prison in connection with massive demonstrations over the death of a young woman in police custody.

In statements cited by the state news agency IRNA, Ali Alghasi-Mehr stated, “In hearings on cases of rioters in Tehran, 160 people were sentenced to between five and ten years in prison, 80 people were sentenced to between two and five years, and 160 people were sentenced to up to two years.”

According to the official in charge of the court, 70 people have also been fined for participating in the protests.

The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of morality police in the middle of September sparked nationwide protests, which also sparked new tensions between Tehran and the West.

This week, two men were executed by Iranian authorities for their participation in the protests that lasted for months. On death row, nine more people are awaiting execution.

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