Dr. Farooq, Omar Abdullah greet people on Eid-ul-Fitr


Appeals Imams, religious scholars and common people to raise their voices against suppression, conspiratorial designs of rulers, on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhamamd Yasin Malik Tuesday condemned the attack outside Masjid Nabwi in Saudi Arabia, saying no Muslim can tolerate any attack on Harmain  Shareefain.

He alleged that the attacks in Saudi Arabia are an act of Kharjees (kharajites) and “this is actually a direct attack on the soul of Islam and Muslims.”

“Muslims cutting across the lines of creed stand against these attacks. Putting barriers on Ulema and mosques, free license provided to fascist forces in Jammu to inflict harm on Jammu Muslims, instead of releasing jailed youth shifting them to Jammu jails, and spreading liquor in Kashmir are such criminal acts that cannot be accepted by any Kashmiri,” Malik said in a statement issued here.

He said that the Ulema, imams, religious scholars and common people should raise their voices against these acts of tyranny and protest against conspiratorial designs of India and its Kashmiri stooges.

While strongly condemning the heinous attack on Masjid-e-Nabawi at the time of Iftaar, and other attacks in cities of Qatif and Jeddah in which many people lost their lives and many were injured, Malik said that for every Muslim the sacredness and holiness of Harmain Sharefain including Masjid –e-Nabawi remains pivotal and no Muslim can ever think of inflicting any harm to these places.

He said that attacks like these are perpetuated by the forces of darkness, tyranny and Kharjiyat who are serving the cause of enemies of Islam and Muslims.

Malik said that by attacking Masjid I Nabawi the attackers have actually crossed every limit and today world especially the Islamic world should stand united against these forces of darkness and tyranny and put every effort to eradicate this menace.

While expressing solidarity with the government of Saudi Arabia, the people of Saudi Arabia especially those families who lost their dear ones during these attacks, Yasin Malik said that people of Kashmir stand with their brothers and sisters of Saudi Arabia in this hour of grief and we pray to Allah almighty to save Harmian I Shareefain.

While condemning the tyranny and oppression on people of Jammu and Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that today at the behest of RSS like chauvinists, so-called Kashmiri rulers have started an ugly campaign against our Ulema, religious scholars, mosques and religious places. Our religious affairs are being handed over to CID and we are being told to follow our religion according to the whims of so-called rulers.

“On the other side in their anti-Muslim and anti-Islam pursuit so-called rulers are publicly glamorizing liquor and trying every bit to spread this mother of all evils. Also a free hand is being given to chauvinist forces in Jammu who are marching along with weapons freely in Jammu and are providing training to women also. This is being done to inflict harm to Jammu Muslims and intimidate them,” he said.

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