Double Standards


I have been noticing an evil behavior in our society which is committed by the majority of people. I would like to share my own experience on this, yesterday, my doorbell rang. I went to see who was outside, it was CDA. A Christian employee who collects garbage from the houses in my area. After doing his work he asked me for some water. When he finished drinking, I drank from the same glass. A guest in our house saw me, who happened to be a typical eastern lady”. She rushed towards me and shouted in a shocking manner, “Stop son! What are you doing?”, “What?” I asked. “Sharing crockery with a Christian is a sin!”.

I did think to myself how contradictory our approach is, how confused we are, and how lost we are. We get furious when Muslims in India are called “washroom cleaners” or “bhangi” but treat minorities in our country with the same manner. Our wise elders give us the logic that they do odd jobs, clean our dirt, and are not hygienic and that is why we stay careful in touching or getting near to them physically.

How ironic is this, if our Muslim brother is untidy, or has not taken a bath for a long time, we advise him to clean up, but in the case of people from other religion, we call them filthy and move on.

Our actions do not match our words, we do not treat humans equally but when it comes to delivering sermons, we start from “Buddha” and end at “Abdul Sattar Edhi”.

Muhammad (PBUH) allowed the Christians from Najran to enter the Masjid Nabawai, that Masjid is the most sacred place in Islam. So if Muhammad (PBUH) can allow Christians to step into Masjid Nabawi then who are we to derive logic from this arrogant and ignorant behavior of ours?

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